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Dom is the face and sound of AUW, his own music project which considerably evolved from his stint at the London College of Music & Media, and has remained heavily influenced by the synthesizer hardware legends of the 1980s.

From a background as a club DJ, he gained a reputation for spinning the more eclectic and intelligent side of the electronic genres, stretching out to cross breakbeat, trance and techno roots with synthwave and its numerous sub-genres, landing himself an ongoing arrangement with RetroSynth Records ‘Synthetix’ label in 2021, culminating in the release of the Across the Plains album, described by Outworld Sounds as "a beautifully crafted cinematic treat and a great addition to any synth lover's collection."

As an in-house remixer and producer for the Happy Robots label, he was the producer and engineer for the Arthur & Martha album 'Navigation' (acclaimed by The Guardian, NME, Uncut, and played on BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music).

He has since worked on electro-pop singles for Rodney Cromwell, along with notable remixes working with CODE: Marla, BEKIMACHINE, Young Empress and Unheard Sirens Inc.

His love of live performance events leaves him now spearheading a grass-roots Synth event D U S K W A V E S in the UK, to support artists and although shared through worldwide streaming, provides an open platform for Synthwave musicians to break out of the online bubble.

Dom Cresswell

Dom Cresswell



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