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XYLE - 'SPEED DIAL' | A Single Review

XYLE has grabbed 2020 by the scruff of its neck with this track which is quite the departure from his previous releases let’s be honest!

It’s a fusion of woven sounds unlike anything I’ve heard before which is what makes it so compelling to listen to. It quite frankly showcases his production chops off to great aplomb and sticks a pin in the map on the evolution of XYLE as a musician.

Speed Dial Promo Video:

Right from the word go the bass kicks in and you’re transported to a club like setting. Make no mistake he’s come to party, and whilst this year has put the boot into parties it doesn’t stop our minds migrating to one at least for the time being.

Sewn into the lining of this track are very naughty vox samples which offers the listener a bit of a test. Do you:

a) Play it at a thunderous volume and wait for your neighbours to spread rumours

b) Plug the Headset in and preserve your modesty

The choice my friends is up to you…

Now signed to TW1 Records, London I expect big things from this Artist and its no less than he deserves!

Buy Here:

Score: 9/10

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