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It's always an undoubted pleasure to do the work I do for the scene and its never more true on a day like today when I get the chance to premiere a track by someone I admire so much!

LAU's third cut from her forthcoming debut album is yearning for a fresh start and a continuation on the themes started with the previous two singles. Following the popular 'crying at the dancefloor' sub-genre mastered by the likes of Robyn and closer stylistically to an updated Giorgio Moroder masterpiece, the incessant pulsation of the synths, the punchy drums and frieze-like bass-line emerges from the darkness, like a Phoenix from the ashes of a burnt out relationship. The future could be full of hope and possibilities, but we are being extra cautious.

The lyrics are optimistic and open but the vocal delivery exudes heart- break and desperately wants to encapsulate the present moment even if unfamiliar and uncertain. The dissociation between the longing for a significant other in the lyrics and the uplifting sound of the music perfectly highlights the internal conflict we face when forced into a new beginning. We want to believe, but we are not getting burnt again.

The track, produced by Astrotones, throws hook after hook while the main leitmotif moves from the lead synth to the vocals and back again like an earworm. At 2:58 the song seems to be only just starting and the sudden ending only leaves us wanting more, forcing us to instantly hit reply. A perfect metaphor for what it seems to be the events that inspired the song in the first place. This is the true mark of a great song, masterly put together.

Ladies and Gents I present to you 'RECOGNISE'..take a listen!

Track available on the 21st August on all streaming platforms



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