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VINCENZO SALVIA - 'Souvenir' EP | A Review

Long-time fans of Vincenzo Salvia rejoice as there is a new E.P to devour.... fact, it's entirely fair to say that as an Artist he never leaves us wanting with respect to releases and in the round certainly worth the wait as each track, EP or Album tells a story and takes you on a journey, a voyage of discovery if you will.

This particular E.P 'Souvenir' I was moved to review not least for the fact that his body of work deserves some form of recognition but that sometimes releases just capture the head, heart and soul for all the right reasons.

In the artists own words he describes this Album as "wanting to evoke forgotten sensations, to awake the most hidden memories". He goes on to say that this release like in travel has taken on a certain resonance, an intrinsic value submerged in "valuable moments" which is no doubt a lean into the narrative of the last year we've all experienced and the lure of wanting to grow and experience the world proper again, in every sense being free.

Some Italo Disco connoisseurs would argue the genre was pioneered by the Godfather himself Giorgio Moroder making real use of Synths, Vocoders and drum machines that burrowed their way into those with big electro hearts.

Whilst Moroder bucked the trend a little in ensuring his longevity within the scene and being much revered to this day it's without doubt that he gave rise to others who happily tried to emulate and thus carve their own niche within this rogue stylistic format.

Step forward native Italian Vincenzo Salvia.

On first listen this Artists E.P marries Italo Disco and that retro nostalgia beautifully.

I take it track by track below.....


Track 1: Travel Generator | Moroder vibes are strong and undeniable but this track has far exceeded my expectations. Jam packed full of emotion it's almost like a retro melodic jigsaw where the pieces fuse together to create something profoundly optimistic to listen to. It skips, glides and weaves around your eardrums and almost commands you dance!

Track 2: Don't try this at home | This track will have you marinating in a veritable bath tub of Retro Disco Paste. It's beat pulsates and is ultimately addictive. Don't try this at home? I suggest you do try this at home with the volume cranked higher than a Drag Queen's Wig! Guaranteed grooves or your money back!

Track 3: Souvenir | The titular track to this E.P it's somewhat a perfect end to a Three Track Thriller. It's the soundtrack to a voyage you wish you were taking right now and entirely listenable on its own merits without being embedded on an E.P.

Overall this release is impressive. It's the perfect balance of light and shade and compositionally stands strong amongst Vincenzo's already impressive catalogue of previous releases.

'Souvenir' is available on your preferred streaming devices. Please consider buying the digital album here:

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