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Un Cocktail d'amore per favore!

COSTA SMERALDA is a new project founded by the Synthwave and Retrowave master Vincenzo Salvia, who's music is featured in international projects such as the Stranger Things soundtrack, and the neapolitan songwriter DADA’.

The aesthetic of this new project is based on the concept of “Italian tradition”:

The first single is "Cocktail D'Amore", distributed by ADA (Warner Music) and teases us with the potent recipe of that classic Italian love, a sensual summer flirtation by the beach. In a synthetic 80’s atmosphere a seductive Mediterranean girl lives a dreamy night: an Italian love like no other!

One sip and you're hooked, the track itself is as refreshing as a cocktail with that inescapable infectious beat that you know Vincenzo is good for!

See you at the bar!

Link to the track:

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