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TW1 Records | All for 1 and 1 for all - An introduction

Steady are the hands that steer the Synth ship, and my god what a ship we're sailing.

Since I was first approached some months back to consider the possibility of becoming their eyes and ears in the form of heading their A&R Dept. It's been truly a surreal experience to watch the premise of the label come to life. Our quest to find the artists who'd understand our vision has been an interesting & fulfilling process to say the least and a really enjoyable one for sure!


Why?: We'll always champion inclusivity. Our ethos is no limits as we push the boundaries of sound and genres showcasing talent and challenging the status quo.

As a growing label we already have some fantastic talent on the label roster. Here's a sneak peak into the jewels of the TW1 crown thus far.....

Spectral Knight

Spectral Knight is the alter ego of Mark Batchelor a British music producer based in Twickenham, South West London.

The Spectral Knight guise was created out of a love for all forms of electronic dance music and wanting to showcase the full spectrum without any boundaries. Expect to hear an influence of retro sounds and rhythms from 80's and 90's nostalgia fusing synths and beats with the modern evolution of House, Synthwave, Nu Disco and Bass driven production.


Deepscale is the shadowy beat driven half of Pete Heard based in Reading, UK

He represents the culmination of over a decade worth of study into synthesis, music theory and sound engineering.

Deepscale creates a distinctive Deep Disco sound reminiscent of a bygone era with a modern twist. Layered with retro atmospheres, dripping with deep analogue riffs and topped with silky smooth vocals!

The Motion Epic

The Motion Epic is a Synth-Pop/Retrowave Project comprised of....

Singer/Songwriter Pat DiMeo

Producer Dre K

With a lifelong passion for the songs and artists of the 80's decade, combined with a prodigious talent as a vocalist, showman and songwriter, Pat has joined forces with good friend and fellow producer Dre K to compose all-original material that feels as if it were torn from the pop charts of 1983, but with DiMeo’s one-of-a-kind interpretation.

The Motion Epic is a bold and innovative musical adventure, with songs that will become as integral to the listening enjoyment of fans as are the tunes from the 1980's that inspired this ambitious endeavor in the first place. It is an immersive experience that will infuse all the senses with the vitality and spirit of a hopeful time in our culture.


This artists musical journey has seen him cross many landscapes to where he is today. A scene stalwart he carved a place for himself on the neon map way back before it was deemed cool. Hailing from Canada and amidst the stunning cyberpunk backdrop of Toronto at night, XYLE (pronounced EXILE,ˈekˌsīl) has produced 5 albums to great acclaim with most tracks featured on New Retro wave, Beyond Synth with Andy Last and other radio stations literally worldwide. Expect big things from this Artist in the times ahead.


DeltaCity are a Synthwave/Electronic music duo from the U.K. The music is soaked in a feeling left behind by all the best bits of the 80’s, whether it be 80’s music, film scores or computer game soundtracks... As you listen to the sounds DeltaCity create, you will be transported back to a time when double denim and shutter shades where the norm on every neon soaked dance floor.

Neon Arcadia

A passion project started by Ghosts of Eden members Benny Rose and Rich Neon. Synthwave meets video game music with no rules.

Neon Arcadia is:

Benny Rose

Rich Neon

Bill Fore

Tom Pino


A Synthwave artist/producer from the U.K. Debut album MIAMI COP was released in September 2019. New single reflections will drop on the 31st July. Current single 'Hilt' now available on all good streaming services. Curator & Owner of the Synthwave Sounds playlist on Spotify with over 40K followers!

Big things to come from this label in the not to distant future..stay close!

In the meantime please consider showing your support for the label here:

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