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Track of the Week: SUNG | 'Late Summer' - Released: 22nd Sept 2020

The Autumn leaves are falling and the wind has a certain bite, the evenings are drawing in and the nights seem longer. This chill track turns up the heat though and encourages you to close your eyes and dream of sun-kissed beaches beneath the shade of Palm Trees.

It's a certain departure from his Album 'Monster' released at the start of this year but a welcome one nonetheless with a vocal that just carries you away blissfully. The track itself took me by surprise somewhat. Having been a fan of Sung's work since his E.P 'Collider' way back in 2015 I've been used to the fatter baselines of such seminal tracks as 'Paris Gotham' & 'Reload' but this is somewhat different and I really like it.

As every Artist should know to stand still is to fall backwards. I'll champion any Artist who allows him/herself to keep evolving and exploring. Some of my favourite Artists take me on a journey and Sung is definately one of them...

Où irons-nous ensuite? Je suis prêt....

Buy the track here:

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