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Track of the week: ELEVATE THE SKY 'Forged in Neon' | released: 2nd Oct

I think my career if you could call it that on this overarching Synth grid has been somewhat varied and meaningful most of the time with appearances on 'When you grow up your heart dies' by Gunship and eventually meeting the band to being requested to conduct the Rise of the Synths panel in London, to being handpicked by TW1 Records to be their A&R, to my article as yet to be released (this month) in 3D World Magazine and of course this absolute juggernaut that has become 'Forged in Neon'.

Album art by solar seven from iStock

This, all of this seems distant when you consider what was gifted to me by this force of Synth nature 'Elevate the Sky'. In fact he was one of my early interviews before this site took off in the way that it did back on May 24th and I was hugely grateful for the time he took to do it.

Promo Video

This track was presented on the 29th September as an ode to me and my brand somewhat. Never in my life have I had anyone feel inspired by me or what I do enough to do anything remotely like what I was about to hear (and witness). I felt to strong about what was sent to me that I rang Scott in Los Angeles to thank him for the obvious hard work he had put into a synth surprise of this magnitude. To say I was blown away was an understatement.

Obvious connections aside this track is as infectious as you like and will no doubt be a scorching crowd pleaser. A 2 mins 26 seconds in you're treated to a guitar solo like none I've ever heard. Its something special.

I feel so utterly privileged and downright lucky that I'm thought enough of that such an incredible artist as 'Elevate the Sky' came up with this concept.

It's fair to say I'm duly obliged to have my own radio show as this as an intro. Well...a girl can dream!!

Thank you Scott from the bottom of my neon heart!

Score: 10/10

Buy/Listen here:

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