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TOP TRAX | This weeks treats - 15th March

The time is upon us yet again. It's your weekly round up of tracks that I simply had to shout out.

Let's get into it and see who I've chosen as FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK


Dying Breath | Those of you who navigate this site a lot will know that I have become a bit of a fan of this guy, now pair him with Meredith Bull and you have something extra-ordinary. Meredith's soft vocal pierces through the pounding Synths to deliver us a fantastic track and definitely worthy of one of my picks this week!

Desperate Youth

Wild & Young | Retro Synth Pop goodness from Oskar Karlsson a.k.a Desperate Youth. Certainly a must for your playlists. His debut 'Another Time' which was re-released in October of last year with the addition of Nina was a strong introduction to the man and his production skills and I look forward to hearing more from the guy.


Waste Management Confidential | Absolute filth and its glorious. It's almost a tale of three tracks in it's delivery. A pulsating hybrid of Industrial, Metal & Darksynth stitched together to cause the maximum amount of chaos. PLAY IT LOUD!

Let Em Riot

Summertime | Life's a beach! This funk driven track has not been off rotation for me for days now. It's delivered to you wrapped in a Tanning Blanket with a chilled cocktail on the side for good measure. It's a slice of Summer in just over 4 minutes and well...I can but dream!

Miles Matrix

Shadow Instinct | Well this was a cool little find, really liked this track. It's quirky and engaging with just a hint of that Cyber dark goodness that I love. Straight onto my my personal playlist it goes! No doubt one of my Top Trax this week.

Vincenzo Salvia feat Konstanza

Dangerous Mind | What a magical pairing!! Konstanza's vocal intent coupled with Salvia's mastery in production skills are saturated in Retro vibes. It's Italo Disco to get the heart pumping. If you're not moving to this 1 minute in ask the nearest person to you to check your pulse, you may very well be dead.

✩✩✩✩✩ SINGLE OF THE WEEK ✩✩✩✩✩

Blaue Blume (Emil Rottmayer Remix)

Lovable | This is so infectious in all the right ways. Emil has added his touch of class to this track to make it an instant hit in my eyes and certainly worthy of my SINGLE OF THE WEEK!


Some more tracks to be posted next week - in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work.


Curated Spotify playlist of some choice tracks chosen from my picks coming at the end of the month!

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