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TOP TRAX | This weeks picks - 8th March

The time is upon us yet again. It's your weekly round up of tracks that I simply had to rave about.

Let's get into it and see who I've chosen as FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK


Street Cleaner

Beneath a Steel Sky | For those who like their Synth straight from the shadows Street Cleaner will be known to many of you. The track is as pulsating as you like with both light and shade to enthral the listener.

If you like Darksynth you’re in a safe pair of hands and with his new album just dropped (01st March) you’d do well to treat yourself to his fantastically lurid sounds of dystopia. Love this track and no doubt you will too, if you have ears!


Death of a Soul | Perturbator’s back to drag you into the hell-scapes of his soul. This EBM influenced track just envelopes you in its black wings dripping in filth and I love it. It’s dark, carnivorous and awesome just the way I like it.

I’d wager Perturbator fans will really like this, it’s not as polarising as his 2017 EP Vantablack but if I said it once I said it a thousand times. Artists evolve, they have to. Standing still you fall backwards and in the game of waves dark or otherwise momentum is everything!!

The New Division

Sequence | This track hits all the right notes for anyone who likes the neon tinted retro sound of the 80’s with a twist. It’s melodic with cinematic sensibilities that would be perfect for your coveted driving playlist! Check out the extended mix to!


Distraction [Last Survivor Remix] | It’s somewhat Synthwave adjacent but a brilliant track is a brilliant track, lets face it. It’s perfect radio or podcast fodder and wouldn’t feel out of place on your playlists. It’s a banger, trust me!

The Midnight

Neon Medusa | Track 3 Side A of ‘Horror Show’ their new EP co-produced by Fixt Neon’s own Essenger is certainly a stand out track. It’s unlike anything I’ve heard The Midnight do and I really welcome the change. It’s retro sounding without being too contemporary and dare I say it has an undercurrent of Daft Punk in the bass lines.

Guitars, Grit, Tyler singing in falsetto what’s not to like. Gone are the glory Days of Thunder and in it’s place is a funkier sounding 90’s flavour that’s sure to please even The Midnight purists who, let’s be honest thought their career began with Endless Summer and ended with Nocturnal. You’re allowed love this, I do!

The Affirmation

Dead End | If this track is a sign of what to expect from their new album self titled ‘The Affirmation’ then sign me up. It’s retro nostalgia done right. The production value of this track is fantastic and as instrumentals go is certainly one for the purists dare I say it! it’s great but don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself. New Album drops 22nd March, link to pre-save on their Bandcamp if you follow the link below.


✩✩✩✩✩ SINGLE OF THE WEEK ✩✩✩✩✩

Atomic: Ad Initivm | Blindingly emotive and dyed in black this track is as powerful as you like. It’s fierce and unapologetic in its delivery and the pounding beat transcends. It’s a call to arms where words are weapons and it’s all consuming. I look forward to throwing myself around the events spaces with wild abandon to this track. Most definitely worthy of my Single of the Week!!

Read my in depth interview with the lady herself here

Per aspera ad astra!


Some more tracks to be posted next week - in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Curated Spotify playlist of some choice tracks chosen from my picks coming soon!

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