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TOP TRAX | This Weeks Gems - 22nd March

It's your weekly round up of tracks that I simply had to shout out.

Let's get into it and see who I've chosen as ☆ FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK ☆


Timekeeper | Aztecs own Zenith Volt dropped his eagerly awaited new Album 'Timekeeper' on the 19th March and its a good un. The titular track is sublime. It's got grit for the grit gods and a saucy little Guitar solo 2 minutes in which takes it to another level. Give it a listen!


Hands in the dark (jacket. Remix) | Amazing re-imagining of this Last Years track that I simply cannot get enough of. There's just a handful of songs that I could truly say Producers made a good track sound even greater, Carpenter Brut with Gunship's TECH NOIR and Dance with the Dead with Scandroids Neo Tokyo spring to mind. Well..this is another. It's an entire mood and the incredible Vocals are accentuated throughout. Get it on your Playlists!


All Mine | There's no mistaking the shades of the Synthetic Love LP from 2014 in this track and every single fibre of my being is here for it. Trevor rarely puts a note wrong for me and following on from February's 'Dream Girl' this aural Viagra will live rent free in your ear cavities for awhile. The man is pure Sex on wax but don't let that put you off Gents. If you plan on impressing a lady slip on this track. Trevor's got you covered! SUBLIME!


Radio | This track came out on March 5th and it's a total trip. This UK duo have had a solid introduction to the Retro-verse of late with a track that got some fantastic airplay 'Polaroid' and this song is no different in feels almost inviting you to turn it up as loud as you can to drown out the roar of your car engine as you top max speed down that coast highway at night. Awesome!


Lethal Pursuit | Heavier than an Emo's Poetry book and I love it. Jak Syn knocks it out of the park again with this thumping track that doesn't just invite you to the dancefloor, it walks over, picks you up and drapes you over its shoulder and carries you there. Play it loud and make sure to tape your Mum's good China down.


Self Control feat SUNESIS | Yes it's a cover but it bangs harder than a screen door in a hurricane. One of my favourites of the 80's which was sung by the late great Laura Branigan and whilst the original will always be the best for me this is undoubtedly a fantastic homage to a seminal track of that era and it's just about perfect, you can't say fairer than that!


Uberschall | An absolute Ear Movie from start to finish. So much talent exudes from Toronto and ZAYAZ is certainly no exception. It's an incredible track and showcases ZAYAZ production chops off to a Tee. For the more discerning he pivots slightly to something more chillwave defined with his latest Album via My Pet Flamingo entitled 'Filter Tipped' & it's glorious.

ZAYAZ is an Artist who understands his own abilities and challenges himself consistently, I get the feeling he isn't defined by genre moreover what he feels he'd like to create and there's something profound in that. No two tracks are the same and I respect him as an Artist immensely.

✩✩✩✩✩ SINGLE OF THE WEEK ✩✩✩✩✩


Touch | You cannot spell Party without a Y and you cannot spell YATTE without a Y coincidence? I think not...all jokes aside the man's sound is as addictive as chocolate chip cookies..and I'm getting fat people, REAL FAT! He's dropping another album soon and I'm not sure my waistline can take it. The fact that I'm sitting patiently waiting with my turkey pants on is pure conjecture so don't stare please! The track is so well put together you'd swear it had surgery. Love it! Worthy of my SINGLE OF THE WEEK. Well done


Some more tracks to be posted next week - in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work.


Curated Spotify playlist of some choice tracks chosen from my picks coming next week!

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