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TOP TRAX | This weeks favs - 01 March

Another weekly round up of tracks that caught my attention over this passed week. Some brand new some recent enough, but all awesome! A curated Spotify playlist of selected gems over the passed quarter coming end of March.

So let's get into it and see who I've chosen as FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK


Track 1:

Artist: Jetfire Prime

Track: 252RB81 | As atmospheric as you like, this curiously titled track was released just

3 days ago and has already found itself on some pretty decent playlists. I really

dig this tune a lot, see what you think. Also read my recent interview with Jetfire

Prime here.

Track 2:

Artist: 80s Stallone

Track: Driven | On the 26th February 80's Stallone released a full Album after

a 9 year hiatus, granted it's a re-work from the tracks he released back in 2012

but it [Hotline] got it's long awaited physical release and the thirst was real with the

vinyl selling out within hours of release on both variants. Having listened to the

Album it's an absolute triumph of early Outrun sounds. The first track 'Driven' is

the strongest start you'd ever want in an Album and sets the scene for what

you're about to hear. PLAY IT LOUD!

Track 3:

Artist: XENNON

Track: The Dark | This Artist continues to surprise us with a track of a somewhat darker

vibe. This is his 1st single off his upcoming 3rd Studio Album and promises "tales

of Alien Invasion, ancient powers and post apocalyptic settings". It's a strong

1st single and definitely worth keeping an eye on for what he releases next.

Track 4:

Track: Moving in the Shadows | This Retro Synthpop nugget by the Power Synth Duo we

never knew we needed in Elevate the Sky and Oceanside 85 finds it's way onto an

admirably strong compilation 'Messages' released by PurZynth Rekords based in

Mexico with other acts to include Millenium Falck, Micromatscenes & Spectral

Knight. It's an uplifting number that even without being part of a compilation is a

great single in it's own right. Take a listen and see what you think.

Track 5:

Track: Dark all Day | Absolute filth and I love it. It's dark, dirty and delicious striking all the

right notes. I'm drawn to the fact that that in some measures an Artist can come

along and up-end your track and depending on how good they are they can

shockingly improve it if that's possible. Carpenter Brut's Remix of 'Tech Noir' is

another one that hits harder than the original and is my preferred version even with

the original living rent free in a lot of Synthwave Hearts. Power Glove are a force

to be reckoned with a lot of the time, I can even forgive them for their album

'Playback' which lets face it was an homage to Daft Punk, didn't stop me buying it

though. Listen to this LOUD (then perhaps shower afterwards)

Track 6:

Artist: JAK SYN

Track: Neo Future | Track itself came out in Jan 15th so I'm a bit late to the plate for

showing my love for this dark diamond but it's altogether such an awesome

track that it deserves all the plaudits no matter when. Those who know me

are aware that I have Synthwave blood pumping a dark synth heart and this

track certainly speaks to it. Squeeze it onto your playlists and whilst you're at it

get some Merch, Summer's coming. Link above. SYN when you're winning!

Track 7:

✩✩✩✩✩ SINGLE OF THE WEEK ✩✩✩✩✩

Artist: Mirage Music

Track: Take me Higher | Mirage Music is a duo consisting of Connor Brown (Vocals) and

Chris Huggett (Music). The band merges their influences of Retro Pop, R&B/Funk

and Rock n roll to create their own unique sound & what a sound it is! This is pure

Retro Synth Pop Funk and wouldn't feel out of place in the Top 40.....of 1985!

Taken from their debut Album 'Mirage Music it's absolute class, a winner! Take a



Some more tracks to be posted next week - in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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