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Here we are, we're back and have chosen 11 tracks that we have had on rotation since their release.

Literally blown away by all the incredible releases over the last short while so it was harder than the hobs of hell to choose the King of the Pack but we got it done. Whether you agree with my choice is immaterial because to be quite honest all of the tracks listed where worthy winners but just like a Synth orgy someone's gotta come first.




Heartstrings | Fabulous track and gave me those retro vibes from the outset which rightly or wrongly reminded me of a famous Genesis intro, and whilst LeBrock seem to have that invisible touch and kept us waiting here so long, they're back baby and stronger then ever. This'll kill it on the gig circuit without doubt and is a sure fire crowd pleaser! Well done Guys!

Strike Eagle

It's got to me | Well..take me to the dancefloor or loose me forever. If this isn't music to fly your F35's to I don't know what is. He seems to throw everything but the kitchen sink at this track and somehow manages to craft a banger that soars and never loses it's production value which is a feat in itself. You've got the all the Guitars and the Saxophone you'll ever want packed into a memorable 3.57mins of pure unadulterated Synth fun. Take a listen and hear for yourself.


Good Crowd | YATTE triumphantly sails on and cuts through the Waves with another stellar track this time with some fan turned friend involvement in the form of backing Vocals and Guitar provided by Niladri from New Delhi. Honestly, the Guitar gives it such an edge it takes it to levels you never thought possible, just great! Yet another perfect slice of the 80's with a few of those Glenn Frey WHOA WHOA Ohh's for good measure..the heat is most certainly on with this single!! Well done Captain!

Cassetter & Voicians

Neon Pills | This is the 2nd entry in as many lists for Cassetter who can seem to do no wrong currently when it comes to his releases. This particular track sucks you into a maelstrom of beats and pulses and makes you long for a dancefloor. It's as intoxicating as you like and a sure fire floor filler at those long awaited Synth gigs. Out now on all major streaming services via Fixt Neon.

Mitch Murder

Body Talk | It's new Mitch for ya bitch. Taken from his upcoming Album 'Then Again' to be released on the 23rd April this is an absolute retrowave feast and I love it. If you're not grooving to this by 1 minute in I'd suggest you check your pulse you may very well be dead.

Keep an eye on this release in the next week, it's a must for your playlists!


Neo Anima | I've been enraptured by this guy's sounds for quite some time now. Every release seems to tell a story never told and invokes emotions of dread, lust, foreboding, melancholy and hope all wrapped up in a Survivalist instinct and presented to the listener as a piece of his soul. There's beauty in aggression for this Artist and you're meant to feel every single nuance of this track, in that I can be sure. It's soaring intent leaves you breathless and no doubt meant to be played at the highest volume legally allowed. Have at it!

Emil Rottmayer

Deflection | Released on the 1st April this track is just wonderful. To my mind you can never really go wrong with some Emil Rottmayer in your playlists. Little is known about this UK Juggernaut of Retro Synth but we know enough to understand that what he has released since 2015 inspired quite a few to follow in the trail he has blazed. This track 'Deflection' is sheer majesty in production and ebbs and flows like water on a sunny island shore. Buy it!

Michael Oakley

Is There Anybody Out There | A stellar single release before the big Album drop in May of this year. This track is heaps of fun and I can already hear it across the multiple Synth dance floors post C of 19. There's no escaping the 90's influence which is such a welcome breath of fresh air. The track lyrics themselves see the powerhouse duo combine again in Michael and Ollie Wride with backing vocals provided by the very same Ollie Wride and Ms Maiko herself Hayley Stewart. Now out via NewRetrowave. PLAY IT LOUD!

Daytona Dreaming

Electric Voyager | Formally Neon Runner. Daytona Dreaming has ironically hit the ground running with this epic track. Now signed to Retro Reverb Records we expect big things to come from this Retro Electric outfit in Dubai and honestly he couldn't be with a better team. Wrap your chops around this track and add it to your playlists for good measure!

Siamese Youth

So far from home | Such a polished track, and with the already phenomenal success of their latest album release 'Echoes of Tomorrow' it was a job and a half to choose a track but this one shades it. This Retrowave Duo from Berlin signed to NewRetroWave sprinted out the gate with their debut Album 'Electric Dreams' back in 2019 and have become a staple on most discerning playlists. Whilst this track has been doing the rounds since Feb this year it has some real estate on the newer album released on the 26th March. Take a listen, it's great!


≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫ FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫

⇩ ⇩ ⇩


We have come | Literally gorging on this guys debut Album release 'DISCO AGGRO SESSIONS' released 2nd February. It's a ton of fun and whilst it doesn't take itself too seriously it's a ferociously good breakthrough into the Darksynth realm with the deft touches of Cyberpunk elements which I'm never not gonna love let's be honest.

It's was a struggle of herculean proportions to land on just one track from this album which a nice place to be in for a reviewer but 'We have come' is just too good to ignore and worthy of my single of the week! JNNY COBRA is a Synth Project by Johnny Haven, expect to hear more from this guy!


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