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TOP TRAX | 7th June ☀️

Greetings people, I've another week of top trax for you and they're a right eclectic bunch at no mistake. Proving once again beyond doubt that Synthwave is a movement of many beautiful colours!

So who elbowed their way to the top spot this week? Well, let's dive right on in and find out!


Darkroom Data

Groovatta (feat. The System) | Whilst it was described by the press as "Toto's Africa on Acid" I was somewhat bemused by this statement as it sounds absolutely nothing like it to my ear but don't let that distract you from a cleverly produced playful collage of sound. It features a distinctive sample from 80's UK band 'The System' masterminded by cult producer, Bob Lamb whose credits include UB40 and Duran Duran.

“Groovatta is an invitation to step inside the curious smoke, free-falling in a deep ocean of reverb and climbing on the spine of an arpeggiator, to rediscover all the things you will never live again and embrace the blank spaces of life, that can become anything…” I'm inclined to agree, it'll be unlike anything you'll ever hear! Take a listen below.

Chase Midnight

Secret City | As melodic and Synth driven as you like. Mixed and Mastered by Tonebox it's certainly one for your playlists. A relatively new Artist from Melbourne, Australia you can expect to hear more from him fairly soon. His Two Track EP was released just under a month ago and available on your preferred streaming site. Go grab it!


Final Showdown | The second full length track from the collective that is

DEAD ROYALTY - A collaboration project started with PSYK and Michael Weber.

It's slow to build but the pay off is worth it! It's as dark as you like and marinated in those hooks you've come to expect from someone of PSYK's talent in production. It's a foot to the floor hurtling down a highway sort of vibe and the speed ticket would be so worth it! Own it now!


Young and wild and free | From the new Album 'Beyond the Stars' released on the 4th June comes a tune that has sax for days. Aztec Records own SYST3M GLITCH pulls out a crowd pleaser in this track which is as retro sounding as you like and will certainly get you moving. Worthy of some real estate on your playlists for sure, take a listen!


Say you love me (feat Hayley Roscoe) | DUETT is back with Hayley to save our Summers. For those of you who can even bother to remember last year you would have certainly heard another track they brushed the sand off called 'Savour' which was an undoubted hit played on most discerning stations the world over. I expect the same fate for this tune. It comes blowing into your eardrums like a gentle Summer breeze. It's sublime but don't take my word for it, listen below!

Signal Void & Deadlife

Turncoat | Clash of the Darksynth titans....taken from Signal Void's new album 'Jaded Shadow' released on the 25th June, those with darker tastes will revel in this track. Both gentleman are no stranger to being your aural tour guide around their sonic scapes and this is no different. Their skills fuse to create yet another amazing track that will no doubt pulsate the dark event spaces we're hopeful will open shortly, for now download this track and play it at it's deserved level: L O U D


⇩ ⇩ ⇩


Le Jardin | Released on the 4th June this track is glorious. It's as retro sounding as you please and is not unlike a soundtrack to a long forgotten 80's Crime Drama you're desperately trying to remember the name of to impress your friends.

Lets be honest, those who know a thing or two about Synthwave will understand that you're pretty much in safe hands when it comes to the production smarts of Compilerbau but here at Haus of Forged we're all about giving credit where it's due and this is without doubt my FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK!

Congratulations Compilerbau!!!

Support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax this quarter at the end of June.

Vol 1 - Jan to Mar 2021

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