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TOP TRAX - 4/5

Your weekly round up of those tracks I simply couldn't get enough of. It's your stellar shortlist of 9 awesome songs including my ☆ FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK ☆

Let's do this!

Electron Odyssey

Meet the horizon | Though out since February, this particular track I stumbled upon by happy coincidence and I'm glad I did. Relatively new to the scene in the grand scheme of things this artist from Indiana seems adept at the retro sound which is always welcome. I really liked this one, I'm sure you will to!


Winter games | There isn't enough superlatives to describe this remarkable concept album 'Sarajevo'. It was hard to choose just one track from it but I settled on 'Winter Games'. The track is quite simply indulgent and more melodic than what we've known Betamaxx to be capable off in recent years. This album is inspired by the events from February 8th - 19th of 1984. It pays homage to it's people, the athletes that competed, and aesthetics and design of the XIV Winter Olympic Games. Album released 1st May, its one for your libraries.

Von Kaiser

Poison was the cure | VK have done it again in a superb new album 'Animals' dropped today 4th May. I had a hard enough time settling on just one track to showcase but I arrived at 'Poison was the cure' it's melodic, catchy and at a tempo that showcases Von Kaiser off at their very best. As usual David Moutt's vocal lends all the gravitas you like to the track and worthy of one of my picks of the week for sure. Well done guys!!


Maglev to Southern Sector | From 'Welcome to the Undercity' we have another Finnish Artist that seems to capture an aesthetic and sends us first class to a Cyperpunk underworld that's beyond electrifying. Its another release that at it's core has enough to tempt a reviewer but 'Maglev to Southern Sector' reeled me in from the very start. It pulls no punches in it's delivery and if you like your Synths served with pulsating drama look no further.

Cleeve Morris

Strange | From the EP 'Burned Tapes' released 1st May this is an awesome track to listen to. The grimy undertones where enough to tempt me to add it to my personal choices for the week. This artist from São Paulo certainly knows his way around a Synth of that you can be sure and a worthy addition to your playlists. Stream it now on your preferred platform.

Fortis Flight

Bright | The only thing I like more than listening to cool new music is finding cool new music by chance and this is certainly one of those times. It's a feel good track marinated in nostalgia and serves the purists with a Sax solo at just 1min 22secs in which is never not welcome lets be honest. It's a vocal track, ably delivered and one for your stereos whilst your blasting down the highway. Take a listen below!


Roadblasters | Let's hope your tires are in good nick as you're about to burn some serious synth rubber in this great track by a UK artist relatively new to the scene in 'Retroflex'. It's got bags of production value and I'd say once played in a large event space the track would almost envelope you. It's a great one and certainly worth streaming.


Trip | Though out since January of this year, due to the shear volume of content I completely missed this release but better late than never. From their first EP entitled 'Gas Station breeze' this is an incredible track in my opinion. It draws you in from the outset and the EP itself is just as awesome in the grand scheme of things relative to the next gen artist pack that are out there currently. It's full of atmospheric intent and served on a plate of Nostalgia!! Take a listen.


⇩ ⇩ ⇩

Natalie Gray

My Toy | What a track! It's perfectly retro in every single way. The only thing missing is Casey Kasems voice introducing it. It packed full of boundless energy and brings back all the vibes from the ladies of the retro 80's era from Debbie Gibson to Whitney Houston and Tiffany to early Madonna. It's a guilty pleasure wrapped up in 3mins 26 sec of pure unadulterated fun. If you like your Synthpop fizzy this is certainly it!

My undoubted Forged in Neon single of the week!

Congratulations Natalie and Aztec Records!


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Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite tracks now live.

Top Trax from Jan - March of this year with some gems you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

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