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TOP TRAX | 31st May

Another week another Top Trax list of greats.

I must admit I truly love compiling these lists not only because not only do I get to listen to some wonderful music but I get to broaden my horizon with respect to the amount of fabulous talent there is out there. If you look you hard enough you will find it.


So who grabbed the coveted top step this week? Let's take a look & find out!


Defender Five

Time Code | Stepping out of the Wolftron spotlight for a hot minute we have a new player enter the game in Defender Five. This side project by Adam Chavez showcases his production chops off to the nth degree and it's ultimately refreshing to listen to. As a sucker for Cybersynth Music and aesthetic this played to my very heart from the first listen.

The album itself is released on the 4th June and I could have chosen any one of the tracks to elevate but 'Time Code' is a real jam and worthy of streaming even of itself. Amazing, I look forward to hearing more!

The Motion Epic

You're not ready | Let's be honest you know you're in good hands with The Motion Epic most of the time and this particular release is no exception. The new album 'Boardwalk Arcadia' now streaming on Forged in Neon is such a complete album. The track I've chosen to showcase 'You're not ready' is a groove that has that retro feel we all crave. It wouldn't feel out of place on a soundtrack to those 80''s films with that timeless retro love as a narrative. Stunning!!

Seth Duncan

Speakeasy (feat Strike Eagle) | Ahhh yeahhh, this is a literal jam!! I love it. Not least for the fact that it mentions my comrades in Synth Arms Ms KZL and Mr Fawkes. It's got that dirty groove that gets you moving and Strike Eagles vocals are always on point!! Awesome, stream it now!

Splash '96

Splurgin' at the mall | You know I've a real soft spot for Artists who like to have fun with the music they create. Not everything in life has to be so serious and this track does bring a smile to my face. Stream it now via the link below


Perpetual Motion 8580R5 2887 25 HK | I had never been a huge fan of Chiptune primarily because it seemed super complex to understand. However, I've always left the gate open because some tracks are that good you practically submit and this is one of these times. The talent LukHash displays defies all logic and I bow to the undoubted skill this guy has in spades.

The whole album 'Cyberchip' is crafted with "original Commodore 64 hardware using tracker software and specific SID chip revisions" It's an 8 bit futuristic trip of immeasurable proportions. The track I've highlighted for this list chose me really, loved it and I'd also love to give a special recommendation to a second track 'Cyberiad Theory 6581R4AR 3789 14 HK' this one also hits the mark!


Quest | Every now and then an Artist pops their head out of the parapet surrounding this beloved Neon Grid of ours and demands attention. Not least for the fact that what they've released is so fresh and exciting!

Coming from the Rosso Corsa record label stable we have an Artist from Utrecht in the Netherlands who transcends, who isn't afraid to try new sounds and the album that this track I've chosen from was an instabuy!

The song itself has that dirty bass beat that I love, it almost grinds around your eardrums and commands attention. Sublime!


⇩ ⇩ ⇩

Thought Beings

Time of the season | Extraordinarily clever re-work of the 1967 hit by The Zombies from their album 'Odessey and Oracle'. The tracks use in pop culture has been clearly defined appearing in several films depicting the era of its release. I suppose it had to surface again at some point and who better to do it than Thought Beings who sprinkled some Cyan Glitter

on it to make it a true synth groove. Over the past year covers have taken a real step forward and when done correctly and with care can breath new life into a track. Artists new and old - This is how you do it. Take Notes!

CONGRATULATIONS to Thought Beings who take my top spot this week!


Support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax this quarter at the end of June.

Vol 1 - Jan to Mar 2021

Brand New Podcast Episode now live:

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