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TOP TRAX - 29th March

Your weekly round up of those tracks I simply couldn't get enough of. It's your bumper shortlist of 12 awesome songs including my ☆ FORGED SINGLE OF THE WEEK ☆

Let's dive in!


Running with you | Another beautifully produced track from this UK duo. Packed full of emotion with engaging Synths. It's as catchy as hell. Signed to TW1 Records in London, if this is a sign of things to come in 2021 from them I'm excited. Play it loud!

Cassetter feat d.notive

Introspection | Bit late to the party with this one but better late than never eh? It's a downright banger and certainly worthy of your playlists. Don't take it my word for it, play it fir yourself and find out, then buy it!


AXON | He's back to smack the taste of Synthpop from our mouths with this Dark Synth Treat. The album itself dropped 3 days ago and to be fair I'd a hard choice picking one to pad out my Top Trax list for this week but 'AXON' is a stand out and gives me that OMEGAGON flavour I crave. This'll be going into my TOP TRAX Playlist, do yourselves a favour and do it to!

Shadowrunner & Primo

Sunrise | I'd been hooked from the start with this track even before PRIMO's sublime vocal kicked in. The track feels familiar in a great way. It's that slice of sunshine we crave right now. Co-written by both there's no doubt in time that this track will be held aloft as one of the most catchiest Dreamwave tracks there is and I'm here for it. A collab for the Gods! Amazing song!

BUNNY X & Sellorekt/LA Dreams

Can't Wait | I have to admit I get real strong Starship vibes from this track and I love it! The warmth of the vocals coupled with the stellar production quality give me those retro feels that I crave beyond measure. What a track!! - Sublime!

Liam Leon

Meet again | It's that track, you know the hear it playing in the back round on something and you literally move faster than your ass can carry you to Shazam it in an effort to figure out who it is.

Lazerdiscs own Liam Leon released this track about 2 weeks ago and it holds a mirror up to the current circumstances we all find ourselves in with the Pandemic.

Liam says "it echoes a lot of what we have gone through this past year, and who knows when it is all just a memory... Us all dancing together and embracing each other just because we can.

‘Meet Again’ is a time capsule for all those in lieu of love. It holds memories and feelings we know we cannot simply let go. Love the one your with. They will be worth waiting for.

Mastered by Forged favourite Absolute Valentine this is a must have for your playlists. Its quite simply brilliant!

AM 1984

California Night City | Without doubt Italy's own Maurizio Avossa writes and produces some of thee most catchiest retro tunes there is. Lush pads, warm melodies and lucid grooves are the order of the day (and night) and this track is no exception. The Vocals cut through the Synths like a warm knife through butter to deliver a track that quite frankly I haven't stopped playing since it's release nearly a week ago now. Check it out!


Fall into you feat ULAS | A 2nd entry by Lazerdiscs, they can do no wrong for me right now and this track was a sublime find. It has a vibe richer than Bezos and a dirty groove that I'm simply hooked on. The production on this track is all consuming and packed full of energy, honestly if you're not moving to this check your pulse, you're probably dead!


Atomik | Those who follow my Top Trax closely will know that this would be my 2nd entry in as many weeks for a ZAYAZ track. This one could not be ignored, in fact the whole damn album 'Filter Tipped' released via My Pet Flamingo the sister label of Timeslaves 20 days ago is an absolute triumph. It was a chore to pick just one track off this album for my list but 'Atomik' shades it for me. It's got those early French House Vibes that quite simply order you to the dancefloor! It's amazing! Give it some real estate on your playlists.

Darwin MCD feat Mark Bebb

Mirroring | This is one of the most catchiest Synth-pop tunes I've heard in quite awhile. There's a certainly sense of familiarity on listening to it which drew me straight in. The vocals sit right in the pocket and aide the track beautifully. Well done guys!! Its great.

Release date: 2 April | Pre-order now

Le Matos

Rise of the Turbo Kid | This track is part of a 2 track EP in celebration of the Turbo Kid Video Game teaser launch and it's an absolute winner. It's in celebration of 80's video games and Saturday Morning Cartoons and its chiptunesque delivery will certainly give you those video game vibes and more. If you're a Le Matos fan like me you'll appreciate this one.

Video Game Teaser

✩✩✩✩✩ SINGLE OF THE WEEK ✩✩✩✩✩

Frank Redux

Ignition | Taken from his EP 'Memory Lane' released o the 16th March this is without doubt an absolute hit! It's as infectious an instrumental as you're likely to find and most certainly worthy of my SINGLE OF THE WEEK. Congratulations!


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Curated Spotify playlist of some choice tracks from my picks coming tomorrow!

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