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Rejoice for it's this weeks TOP TRAX offering for your delectation! Some absolute stand outs in this weeks list!

Usual sprinkling of everything from Synthwave to Darksynth and everything in between. So who got the top spot this week? Let's find out shall we?......


A Virgins severed head, Two Fries and a Coke | As hilarious as the track title is this an absolute feast for your aural senses. I smiled right the way through this track, it's slaps harder than a Mark IV Cyber Commando and is tons of fun. The Cobra strikes again, I simply love this guy and there is no one else out there that's sonically close to what he produces.



Hot Chocolate | The calorific content of hooks in this track is enough to have you spend the rest of your natural days in the Gym. It commands your attention without hesitation. The roaring content exorcises any demons you may have in an attempt to match any vocal intensity as it plunges you into a wind tunnel of vehemence. It's a majestic, rip roaring track, as addictive as you like and certainly one to p*ss your neighbours off with! DIAL IT UP & DANCE but place your antiques in storage and for god sake don't kick the cat!



Heat | Doing it for the Ladies, OCEANSIDE 85 is a force to be reckoned with. Her newest and arguably most controversial Album to date 'Hey Sexy' drops on the 31st October and I for one can't wait to hear it in all it's rhythmic glory. She pivots a little to give us all a peek into her neon boudoir and she's racked up some gems on this album for sure. 'Heat' stands out to me for all the right reasons, its punchy, catchy and commands you dance! Awesome!



Tethered, Entwined | I have to say I'm really enjoying Future Holotape's new Album which dropped on the 24th September, well worth the wait! The first track off the Album had me almost immediately with vibes richer than Bezos. It's FH at their best in my opinion and that raw vocal intensity sits in the pocket of their amazing instrumental talent. It's such a passionate track and sets you up nicely for what I promise is a great listen throughout!! Nice Job!



When Night falls | A cheeky submission that was a real surprise, moments for a Content Creator like this are quite rare so I was very happy to include it in my list for this week! A retro inspired track that has a great hook which held my attention throughout! Expect to hear more from this resident of Jozi!



Crockett & Tubbs | Released just yesterday in fact this Artist brings you Retro Nostalgia by the bucket load. Harks back to the good ole days of the best Synth you could hear in forums etc. The Album of which this amazing track has some prime real estate was Two years in the making and worth every single minute of the wait. The soaring melody and hooks of Crockett & Tubbs are what drew me to this genre all those years ago and I thank the neon Gods that there is an Artist who understands his abilities and pitches them just right! Great work!

*No Spotify presence known



Journey in Time | From the Future 80's record stable we have CYBERWALKER. Having dropped his new Album just 2 days ago it's safe to say that this is a album to most certainly own. It's a confidently produced effort and it was a fairly hard choice to pick just one track to showcase today, YES, it's that good! 'Journey in time' is an actual aural trip. That dark pulsating beat is all encompassing and I revelled in every second of it! Take a listen for yourselves, you can thank me later!




Jukebox Cake | Written by Len Hotrum and Kevin Preston this is a veritable prince amongst tracks. This NU Disco dessert is one to gorge on, it's as addictive as you like and my BMI is increasing with every single listen. It's a night drive trip punctuated by the Neon lights kind of vibe and I savour every single second of this! Incredible work and more than worthy of the FORGED IN NEON single of the week!



Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax | OUT NOW. New list in October

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