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TOP TRAX | 24th May

Another batch of awesome tunes coming your way. Lots of you loved my choices last week and some even discovered new Artists which is everything this site is about.

So, who sits on the Throne of Synths this week? Let's dive right on in there and find out shall we?



Multiverse Spinner | This song is a whole vibe. It's punchy and produced beautifully. It has an unmistakable hook that draws you in pretty much from the get go! I must admit, whilst I've heard of Mirrorvoid I hadn't paid attention much to my chagrin primarily because there's a stack of Artists out there all vying for attention but I'll certainly be following closely from here on out! Get this in your ears its brilliant.

New Album 'Dreamstream' available to pre-order now - Release penned for 29th May

All the Damn Vampires & YOTA

Black Lace | This track is as moody as you like and I'm so here for it. YOTA's breathless, beautiful ethereal vocals take the song to whole new heights. It's a sensual track with that dirty bass pulsating beat that I love. It's a commanding track that deserves to be listened to.

The EP itself has been out a few weeks - Stream it now!

Sleepless Nights

Fixation | You want Sax? YOU WANT SAX? got it! It's almost like this track turns the lights down for you. It's gorgeous. It's moody brilliance is crammed full of those dreamy Synths I crave and is marinated in nostalgia. I cannot wait to hear more from Jonny Adams if this is anything to go by. Stream it now!


North Inertia | The Don of Darksynth does it again in this evocative and largely brilliant track 'North Inertia'. The grinding pulsating beat seems relentless and develops into a mind meld cyclonic whirlwind of sounds unlike anything I've heard before just after 2 minutes in. If you're into tracks that follow a certain narrative this will test your resolve but in true Deadlife style he's unafraid to plunder those new depths to give that listener a little something extra we didn't know we'd crave till now!

Released on the 20th May - Go stream it!

Alpha Room

Skydive | The quality of this track or indeed the whole album '// ALPHA ROOM // ' is incredible. It's that perfect blend most of us crave between the waves (Retro & Chill). With particularly understated Cover Art by the brilliant Jordan Noir I suspect this to arrive in the hands of many especially since Peter Zimmermann's Record Club is involved in the handling.

Honestly, no track feels out of place on this Album, I instantly connected with 'Skydive' even though it's the 1st song off this weighty 16 track pack, they do say you never forget your 1st love! Stream it now, you know it makes sense!

Kodachrome Cowboy

PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA | Released on 13th May this track is an absolute banger at no mistake. This Outland Recordings discovery has yet to make a real impact on the scene to a degree but with this his second single which is an intense Outrun saturated production with unmistakable retro vibes you are bound to hear more from him in the near future! Get to know this guy! He'll be showing up in your streams before long! ...and there's no time like the present.




Pet you like an animal | There isn't enough superlatives in the known universe that quite explains how amazing this track is or how spectacular the new Album is that's due out June 1st. It's unlike anything you'll ever hear or probably will hear again and in the best way possible. It's buckets of fun with an up tempo production and synths so sharp Gillette are looking for the patent.

Go pre-order this album now, its the best a man (or woman) can get!


CONGRATULATIONS CAT TEMPER - Forged Single of the week!

Support your favourite Artists and share their work.


New Podcast and new Top Trax Spotify Playlist....


New Podcast coming by the end of the month. Listen to the last episode here:

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