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TOP TRAX - 21st June | Synthwave Summer Solstice

Hey Gang it's the longest day of the year and it's your weekly round up of all the cool tracks that we've been loving here in Haus of Forged. Must admit I had a tough time choosing this week as there's quite an amount of Gems to sift through but I think what I've chosen will go down well. The usual eclectic mix of light and shade awaits... who grabbed pole position? Let's take a look!



Lonely Nights | Taken from his debut album 'Stranger' this is Desperate Youth's third foray onto my Top Trax list and I'd have it no other way. With his debut track 'Another time' feat NINA followed by another favourite of mine 'Wild & Young' already on heavy rotation this track 'Lonely Nights' is bound to take up some real estate on my playlists and hopefully on yours. With his album released 18th June, go stream it now.


Pass Over | Virtually marinated in Retro feels, this track is absolutely sublime. It has everything to please a discerning Synthrider and even threw a Saxophone in there for good measure. Don't sleep on this track, you're going to love it!

I may also mention a more chilled Octal Drive is about to be bestowed upon you in the from of 'Ocean Drift' which releases on August 1st, again another blindingly good track. Follow the link below for access to both.


Lucid Dreams | Released June 18th this track is so much fun to listen to. The dream like synth sequences played are enigmatic and energetic. This track will appeal to most everyone and with the top down cruising your chosen coastal highway you'd wish you where nowhere else! Stream/Buy it now.


Invaders | This track is a thumping. heart pounder and well worthy of your playlists. Chris is one of those Artists who seems at home in striding that fine line between the light and shade of Synth and I love that he has such confidence to allow him produce organically. His style is seen as a mix between Cyberpunk, Synthwave, Techno, Industrial sounds with various Electro & Acid influences thrown in. It shows he's not bound by convention. Any worthwhile event space will surely have this on their rota to play, if you like it buy it, show this guy some love!


In The Music (feat. Chelcie Gette) | This Swedish Artist makes nostalgic Retrowave music of various flavours of which this track is definitely no exception. It's ultimately listenable with a distinct & beautiful vocal provided by Chelcie Gette. With a gorgeous Sax Break about 2 mins in that'll no doubt please the masses you'd do well to cram this on your playlists. Only thing I'd say is that it felt short as tracks go but that could be down to two things 1) Tracks I'm sent in some instances are over 4 mins long and therefore I've become accustomed to that 2) I just ENJOYED IT WAY TOO MUCH.

Either way stream it now and hopefully you'll like it as much as I do!


Arkangel Firespawn | Every bit as intense as the track title may suggest it is. Vantablack beats for your shaded soul absorbing 99.965% of visible light and worthy of every percentage. The track drags you into the fiery pits of hell in the best possible way. It's raw, it's relentless and circles your mindscape like a demontor. If you love your Darksynth unapologetic and dirty this won't just knock on the door of your wheelhouse it'll kick the door in and I love it!

Album 'FALL OV MEN' released in April - Now on Bandcamp



Dark Alley | A darker more determined Dimi for your delectation and I'm really liking it. Taken from his new soon to be released (2nd July) Album 'Soulkiller' this track is one of the Two you can listen before you pre-order and what gems they are!! With the Album inspired by The Conscience of a Hacker & Track titles inspired by the game Cyberpunk2077 you can't go wrong!! Pre-order now!


Wanderers | This track is outstanding! It's soaring melody and energy injects new hope into the genre. The Vocal provided by Michelle B gives me subtle Stevie Nicks vibes and this coupled with the sheer fantastic quality of the overall composition, it's fair to say we've a real hit on our hands folks.

This will be the titular track off The G's new album released via New Retrowave soon.

Be on the look-out for this gem!


⇩ ⇩ ⇩


Fade to Grey (We are Magonia remix) | Those who remember the original Visage electro hit will probably baulk at the idea of it being taken from those illustrious 80's shelves and given a spit and polish but We are Magonia not only do justice to the original track but breathe life into it for new audiences and it's an absolute triumph. Rare are those remixes that improve on the original if that's even possible and this is one of those times!

Tout devient gris de la meilleure façon possible! On ne se tourne pas pour se cacher, on se tourne vers la danse!

Félicitations les mecs


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax this quarter at the end of June.

Vol 1 - Jan to Mar 2021 + Podcast

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