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TOP TRAX | 17th May

Another week rolls in and another week of absolute belters! This selection much like last week is quite diverse which I loved and plenty of great feedback on the choices too so thank you for that.

So...who got the sweet spot as the tog dawg this week? Let's find out shall we?


L' Avenue

Lemon Crush | In an obvious nod to his genre defining release 'Cherry Crush' back in 2019 comes this EP, and with it's titular track 'Lemon Crush' allows any and every fan of L'Avenue's to audibly exhale in nostalgic relief. It's beautifully produced and marinated in those retro vibes that he is undoubtedly known for. An epic sound in the summer shade with a welcome melodic breeze this is one that'll please both purists and the casual fan alike. Take a bow Sir!

ABOBO feat Sandor Gavin

If looks could kill | Well this is a fun nostalgic Synthpop trip that I really enjoyed. It's a foot-tapper at no mistake. Both gentleman are no stranger to producing as established Artists in their own right but in this they come together beautifully for a retro synth romp that packs a nice punch. Both Gents are from the Red Manor Records stable and we're sure to hear more from them in the future. A nice addition to your Synthpop Playlists, go ahead and stream it!


SEKA | Just a complete vibe from start to finish. Oozes 70's glitterball glam with a tinge of 80's temperament. The funk is strong with this one and it's utterly addictive. This Artist can do no wrong for me lately and has one hell of a range when it comes to releasing music as he unafraid to follow his soul and I completely respect him for that. This track showcases his production qualities to such a high standard and leaves you wanting more! Just awesome...

Power Glove

WOLF | The Melbourne Duo have done it again. Hot of the press this track is an absolute belter. Gritty and unrelenting its almost akin to the soundtrack of a Movie you wished you saw. The breakdown 3m 14 secs in is the stuff of Darksynth fuelled rage and I'm all over it.

Le Brock

In time | Taken from their brand new album 'Fuse' this is Le Brock doing what they excel in. Giving us that retro rock nostalgia is vast quantities and it's an absolute tune. This is a sure fire crowd pleaser and I don't know about you but I cannot wait to bounce around front & centre when the boys take to the stage again which will be hopefully will be in the not too distant future. Stream it now!

The New Division

Stateside | This track hooks you from almost from the very start. It's beautifully produced and certainly melodic but with that distinct retro touch that The New Division are known for. The sound literally envelopes you and there's no doubt you're meant to listen to this at full volume, go won't regret it!

Michael Oakley

Babylon | This track is a subtle sea change for MIchael in terms of delivery and most notably production. It's deeper, richer, slightly darker and vibes strong amongst the pack of tracks on his new album which is crammed full of surprises and collabs for the Synth gods in terms of Dana Jean Phoenix on vocals in the heart tugging lament for home in 'Glasgow song' and the titanium strength of the writing partnership Michael has forged with Ollie Wride. At 3m 38sec in I can hear the purists exhale in sheer delight at the introduction of a Sax which elevates the track skywards and isn't just there to pay lip service.

Babylon is a great single. STREAM IT!


Coven | This track drips in grit, and is all parts of GOST I've ever enjoyed wrapped up in one track. There's a subtle nod to his Behemoth days of yore (2016) twisted with his side project of 'Burnt Offerings' that he shares with his wife. Yes this track absorbs all but 0.35 per cent of light, it's menacing and pulsates like a re-animated dark heart but I love it and those who like the grit should love it to!


Summit | I'm sure at this stage there are people who regularly peruse my site and are now all parts convinced that I'm somehow on a retainer from YATTE to write about the goodies he produces but to be fair if you are in the game of smashing hits right out of the park you deserve a spot here and yes, he's done it again.

It's inspired by the doc on Peter Gabriel’s “Security” album and whilst it is somewhat different to what he's released before it doesn't stray too far from his wheelhouse. I really enjoyed this flavour of YATTE and whilst it's not really part of my M.O as far as Synthwave is concerned some things are worth straying for. Amazing track, hope you like it to! Stream it now!


⇩ ⇩ ⇩


Shredding Spandex | This is 4m 50sec of down home 80's Synth Rock to the power of 100. If you don't move to this then my advice would be to seek counselling for detachment issues or maybe you need to get your hearing checked who knows? All I know is that this track deserves to be played loud whilst you shake what your mamma gave ya!

Taken from the the album ' Power Workout' released via the scarily productive Synth Cave of Peter ZImmermann's Record Club, do yourselves a favour and stream it! Any one of these tracks could have been chosen as my Single of the Week but I'm a sucker for a Guitar and a good 80's Synth and here we are!

Take a bow boys!

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