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TOP TRAX | 0510

I've an incredible selection of new and recent releases for you this week and some surprises to! We've everything from a fantastic cover to some Chillwave, Retro to pure Synthwave so here's hoping you find something you like!!

Let's get into it and find out who got the coveted spot as our:



Dark Smoke Signal

Paranoid | This is an absolute blast to listen to. Yes it's a cover but as they go this is up there with the best of them in my opinion. Keeping relatively true to the original masterpiece by Black Sabbath it has that unmistakable DSS sound woven throughout which elevates the whole track. PLAY IT LOUD!

Balcony Sunrise

Coastal Dreams | For all intense and purposes this guy appears to becoming somewhat of a regular on these Top Trax lists. Well..if you keep making incredible music this is where you'll find yourself. Just gorgeous and is the titular track to the new EP released on the 30th April. It'll have you dreaming of far flung destinations and hope for better days. If you're a fan of Hotel Pools, Duett & Memorex Memories this'll be right up your jetty. Give it a listen below.

Soul Extract

Interstellar Skies | FIXT Artist Soul Extract strikes again and delivers a cerebral, cinematic package in his new album release 'Solid State'. The track I've chosen for this list was certainly one I agonised over and not in an uncomfortable way, what do you do when an albums narrative offers you so much choice? In the end I went with 'Interstellar Skies'. It feels to me like a soundtrack to a film I desperately want to watch. It's almost if Linkin Park did Darksynth and I cannot put it any plainer than that. The detailed soundscape fused with metal and symphonic melodies are unrivalled and worthy of your playlists whether they be Synthwave or any other. Incredible track - PLAY IT and thank me later!

Special mention - Track: LACUNA. Rage filled Synth Power wrapped up in 4m 57sec & served hot. Loved it.

Terra Genesis

Astral Waves | This track is a pure unadulterated trip. Released on 30th April it's pulsating energy will draw you in hook, line and sinker. It's got that retro stank all over it and will no doubt be a sure fire hit in discerning Synth Event spaces the world over, well...if the DJ knows his Synth that is! Take a bow Sir this is incredible and for everyone else go stick it in your earholes!

Betamax Dub Machine

A Million Reasons | This track reeled me in from the very first bars. It's got a certain energy about it that I loved. Absolutely retro in feels and produced confidently. B.D.M are two musicians & producers that have teamed up to create something special. Both Ben Metcalfe and Roberto Montoya each bring their own fire power to this track and I'm very excited to hear more from them in the future. Now streaming, go support them if you can!


A Sky full of Ghosts | For anyone who has unfortunately experienced profound loss like me will understate the significance and power that envelopes this track. It's incredible and will no doubt stir emotions. It's beautifully produced and punctuated with lyrics with undeniable sentimental value.

"Wherever you are tonight, let’s raise a glass and toast tonight"

The EP itself of the same name was released just 3 days ago from the time of writing this and is an absolute jewel. Save some real estate on your playlists for this one, these guys totally deserve your support!


Pulse Chase | A total aural cinematic experience from start to finish. The album of which this track is taken 'Exponent' gets its release on the 24th May with pre-orders starting already. You'll be honestly doing yourselves a favour as the entire album is one to covet. The track I've chosen to show case is a pulsating, fast-paced, energetic romp that is sure to set fire to those Synth dance floors the length and breath of Europe and beyond! Listen below

Wolf and Raven

Looks that Kill | Welcome back W&R oh how we've missed you!! The track 'Looks that Kill' is everything you'd expect from these guys and a whole lot more. The raw power of this track is absolutely incredible and being honest the entire new album 'Gemini' released just a few short days ago is a banging treat to listen to. Go re-live the glory days of power 80's metal by streaming this masterpiece, your ears will thank you!


Just can't | A powerful Luther Vandross style track. Short but oh so very sweet and steeped in retro nostalgia. Full album of which this track is taken 'Someone like you' via welsh sister label of Timeslaves 'My Pet Flamingo' was released on 7th May and certainly worth a listen for something that bit different.


⇩ ⇩ ⇩


Hypnotize | What a track, what an album!! FM Attack does it again and serves us an incredible release and one I feel will be talked about for quite some time to come. It's an absolute masterclass by an Artist who's light years ahead of anyone classed as his competition. Though it's hard to think of him having competition considering he's a thoroughly nice guy but here we are.

This track is undoubted fire and the new album 'The Never Ending' is a must buy now for anyone who considers themselves a TRUE retro fan!

The future of Synth we were promised.

This is my coveted Track of the week and it's totally deserving!

Congratulations FM Attack and Starfield Records!


Support your favourite Artists and share their work.


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