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FORGED IN NEON - TOP TRAX | 0209 Who gets the top spot?

Its been a minute since I last published my Top Trax List and whilst time and tide got in the way it certainly made for a more interesting mix this week!

I have a treasure trove of 10 gems for you to listen to this week! Big retro feels and some tracks that deserve to be given a platform all on their own to be fair given that they're re-setting that dial in what it means to release a synth track these days, judge for yourselves!



Back to you | Somehow someway you know that when you press play on a fresh new Bunny X track you're in the safest pair of manicured hands and this track is certainly no exception. They rarely place a heel wrong for me and the new Album 'Young & in Love' released via Aztec Records is an absolute must for the disco diva in all of us! This single 'Back to you' is their 3rd off this Album and is a nostalgic reflective lament for times past. It's sublime! Listen for yourselves via the links below.



My Success Story | The Swedish Maestro strikes back with a melodic retrowave banger that will have you grooving in your seats! Certainly deserves some real estate on your playlists. You can't go wrong with a bit of Don!

Not as yet on Spotify but take a listen to his last Album release!



Tribute | From his Album 'Back to the wave' released just last week we have this unforgettable track 'Tribute'. It's as Retro as Retro gets and somehow very comforting to listen too! If you're driving and suddenly feel your foot get really really heavy I shall not be surprised! Whilst this track does have some classic elements it's a joy to listen to nonetheless! Awesome!



FM Stereo | Having already appeared on my Top Trax list back in June with 'How Loud is your Love' they make a very welcome return with their newest release 'FM Stereo'. Lets not kid ourselves this is Outrun done right and I dig every single second of it! With producing clout behind Shades being none other than Powernerd and Edictum I'd high expectations from the outset and what a wonderful feeling it is to be proven right! Top job guys!



Adriatic Summer | Whilst there are those of us stacking the picnic chairs, draining the pool and packing the Tees and shorts away spare a thought for ABOBO who has to live in sunnier climates with no shortage of parties to attend, awwww..and whats more he wrote an amazing Italowave tune to further hammer home the fact that he lives in a much better place than all of you! Well played ABOBO..well played!!


The Cathodes

Believe in me | What an absolute find this tune was and still is. For those who love their 21st century retro sounds please listen to this track. Dip dyed in nostalgia this band from Manchester certainly give you those AHA/The Smiths vibes with the lead singer sounding not to dissimilar to an upbeat Morrissey (if there ever was such a thing). The track is ultra addictive, it's simply sublime! These guys are most certainly on my watch list!



Marathon | I really enjoyed this track. The 80's sounding hook pulls you in pretty much from the off and from there it's just a total groove. Taken from VILLAROSSO's new Album 'Twin Turbo' is definitely one for your playlists! See you on the dancefloor!



The Path | This Pennsylvanian Duo strike all the right chords in this melodic impactful track that's shows their production chops off to a T. This is their first single off their upcoming Album 'KINGDOM II' and if this is the sounds of what we can expect take my money! Cracking tune! Listen for yourselves via the link(s) below!



Miami Overdrive | This is one heck of a tune and a guaranteed crowd pleaser! It grabs you by the piano tie and drags you straight to the middle of the dancefloor drenched in neon lights pockmarked by the sequin glitterballs that spin! My guess is that if you fail to move to this track you may need your ears checked. This Aussie Rules!




Noctiphanical Doctrine | There's a few Darksynth Artists setting the bar for fantastic music lately to include Bloodpanic, Irving Force and Magnavolt but overlook King Stephen at your peril. This track 'Noctiphanical Doctrine' was one hell of a gem to unearth and sat with me for awhile as I tried to find words to do justice to its absolute power and majesty. Taken from his upcoming Album 'MESONOXIAN' released on the 10th Sept its a track from the twisted steel of his mind and I lived for every single second of it. It's beyond worthy of my Top Track of the week and then some, I'd love to know what you think?


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Curated Spotify playlist all my favourite Top Trax | OUT NOW

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