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This weeks discoveries | 25/01

These are this weeks tracks that are (reasonably) fresh releases that could all be considered for single of the week but let's face it its Single not singles and I just couldn't choose. Playlist must-haves!


Track 1: Ends 84 feat Power Rob - Fantastic track! Worthy of any discerning playlist. A pairing I didn't see coming but nevertheless we STAN!

Track 2: Laura Dre - Lead single and title track from her forthcoming debut album. It's a stunning debut and she's definitely one to watch for 2021

Track 3: Bite the Boxer - Hailing from the UK he's relatively unknown with this his second release but it's pretty vibey and definitely worth squeezing onto your playlist. Hit the link below and find out for yourself.

Track 4: Vandal Moon - This track was given a make over and what a gem it turned out to be. Make-Up and Vanity Set adding that touch of magic with a fantastic re-work of a track that was pretty perfect to begin with.

Track 5: Trevor Something - Super sexy sounds from the man who does not exist. Absolute filth and I love every second of it

Track 6: Judge Bitch - THE BITCH IS BACK and he's taking no prisoners. This track is knock down drag out fun. Horns up and get ready

Track 7: Cassetter feat MAXTHOR - What a track! Absolute banger. Buy it | Stream it | Turn it up. Thank me later


Some more tracks to be posted next week - in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. If you like any of the tracks I've chosen don't forget to buy!

Forged in Neon

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