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THE TILT - 'Powerplay'

Released on Valentine's day this track is finely balanced & strikes all the right notes. With a nod to 80's romance, it has bags of nostalgia without being schmaltzy.

The song glides beneath the soft glitterball lights. It's effortless in it's delivery and the haunting guitar solo midway pierces through the melody to add that edge you didn't know was missing until you actually listen.

The female vocal is sublime, it gives me those seductive early Tina Turner vibes and that's about as best a compliment I can pay. I'm never one for comparisons as I feel people don't usually set out to be compared to another but the sound is undeniable. The male vocal has a certain warmth about it whilst undoubtedly accented it does add another layer to the track itself.

THE TILT is a retrowave band from Belgrade, Serbia composed by Vladimir Djedović. Tagged with Mladen Pecović on the guitars they are working on their first debut album called Skill Shot that will contain 9 vocal tracks heavily influenced with the 80's pop / glam rock vibe. The band and album name is taken from a pinball glossary, a true arcade machine of the 80's.

After great success with the Holy Ground video, Powerplay is the 4th single released specially for Valentine's Day. Guest vocals were done by Jovan Jovanović and Natasha Guberinić.

Video for the track:

Buy the track here:


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