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THE SUBTHEORY | 'AGITA' - A Single Review

The Subtheory is a top tier music producer and Artist and when he releases quality singles like this, I think for people who aren’t familiar with his work, it’s a perfect opportunity to get introduced.

This is 3 minutes and 4 seconds of brooding, ethereal and cool music. It’s that dark chill type of track that suspends distraction to evoke deep mind movies. The production subtleties in Agita is pure a master-craft in atmosphere building, my favourite being how the wraithlike vocal hangs over the track list a mist, weaving its way through the low phrasing arpeggiators like some sort of enchantment.

Agita is like early 2000s electronica akin to Boards of Canada but with a menacing edge like Dredds ‘Omega Beam’.

Since 2020’s EP Ventura Blvd, The Subtheory has really become adept at atmospheric electronica, I implore you to let 'Agita' be the track that brings you into his world!

The release will be available from as well as streaming sites from Jan 10th 2022

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