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THE MOTION EPIC - 'Boardwalk Arcadia' | NOW STREAMING 💜

REJOICE The Motion Epic Fans both old and new for right here right now on Forged in Neon is where you can get the jump on the fantastic new album release 'Boardwalk Arcadia' and it's anticipated release on June 4th by streaming the whole damn thing!!


Bringing back timeless sounds of the 1980s with a fresh and modern flair, The Motion Epic’s brand new full-length release is an exciting, synth-based roller coaster ride that will keep listeners at the edge of their music-loving seats. The highly anticipated third release from The Motion Epic's catalogue of unforgettable hooks takes the listener on a feel-good journey through blended worlds of the Synth-pop and Synthwave genres.

“Boardwalk Arcadia” will be available as a 24-bit hi-res digital release (exclusively via Sofa King Vinyl's Bandcamp site) and there will also be limited edition physical formats of the album in the form of vinyl, cassette, and CD. The album will be a joint release by Sofa King Vinyl and Lazersteel Records.

The concept for “Boardwalk Arcadia” was set in motion when singer and co-songwriter for The Motion Epic, Pat DiMeo, confronted Nick Colbert (a.k.a. Kalimocho) to be part of their latest release. Pat’s goal for this record was to encapsulate some of his favourite memories of family vacations in Wildwood, New Jersey. Keeping the spirit of the shore alive, Austin based producer Kalimocho diligently studied the range of Pat DiMeo's vocals and tonality.

The two then began the writing process in November of 2019 whilst sharing their passion for Marty McFly, Pac-Man, and arguing their top 3 Springsteen records. After over five months of diligent work, Pat took the project to long-time friend and co-founder of the band, Andreas Koliakoudakis, who helped bring their songwriting to new heights. Australian saxophonist, Benjamin Harrison, also returns to provide an authentic sax sound that reminds the listener that saxophones are sexy instruments. On guitars, Sparkee (a new addition to The Motion Epic line up), offers lush sounding arrangements that just make the tracks pop. “Boardwalk Arcadia” is not just for fanatics of the 1980s, it’s for all generations – making it a timeless record that explores familiar musical territory while keeping it fresh and exciting.

Sofa King Vinyl is a vinyl-centric record label based in Los Angeles, California; run by audiophile and vinyl record enthusiast Max Wallis. SKV insists that all releases be properly mastered for vinyl and has consistently released records that meet the audiophile standard. Lazersteel Records is a Florida based boutique label that is also very vinyl-focused, run by Jeff Gross. “Boardwalk Arcadia” will be the first joint release for both labels.


░S░T░R░E░A░M░ ░H░E░R░E░


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