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SURGERYHEAD - Lucifer's Technology (Devil Sounds Pt​.​III)

Ireland's own Surgeryhead has done it again!

He's unleashed hell in this Industrial Dark Synth offering that's sure to please his current fan base and hopefully rope in some new souls whilst he's at it.

The sheer unadulterated creativity is something to behold and having seen him play live supporting Carpenter Brut for what now seems like aeons ago right here in Dublin CIty it only cements for me why I took to him in the first place. It's dripping in grit and as seedy as you like and a total theatrical experience for the mind from start to finish.

I asked Surgeryhead to tell me in his own words the narrative behind this Album and the previous two and what they meant to him, he didn't disappoint!

"The three points of a crossroad all radiate from, and lead toward a single point- a liminal space which has been known throughout history to be the domain of the devil. The crossroads-borne Devil Sounds trilogy offers up a slightly different take on Dark-Synth Demonolatry then we are used to.

There are no pentagrams or inverted crosses, we aren't given a paragraph of text to explain the story or concept behind the sound. There are only impressions, snatches of meanings in the song titles, in the way each song leads into another, in the stark contrast between the styles of each album.

The three albums lead us through the darkly nostalgic landscape of a dream, to the droning mundane horror of apocalyptic reality, to a final clash of the two worlds in an exciting explosion of actualisation and power. Whatever story or concept that sits in the centre of the crossroads is down to the listener themselves to interpret, and in that interpretation, they will hear the voice of the devil"

- Surgeryhead



A short interview is soon to follow in the coming weeks where we get to know a little more behind the genius of Surgeryhead and his plans for 2021 and beyond. I had the fortune of chatting with him previously of course and you can read that here


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