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'Sundown' sur L'Avenue

Synthronicity: Choose retro cocktails. Choose a cool jeweled sun eventually yielding to a bright pale Moon. Choose conversations in retro shades to the back-drop of smooth 80's sounds. Choose warm summer nights and hot summer days. Choose cruising down a palm lined boulevard day or night in your 80's convertible Corvette to smooth sounds. Choose those summer breezes rustling the Palm trees providing the soundtrack to your lazy summer days.

& most of all choose this beautiful track by L'Avenue that encapsulates all of the above.

'L'Avenue' is a brand project from producer Jesse Reuben Wilson.

After producing successfully in other genres he discovered the “New Retro” movement and L'Avenue was born with the idea of re-imagining the perfect 80s vibe & aesthetic. Musically the project is immersed in not only synth/retro/dreamwave but other dynamics of the decade.

Instagram is also a big part in this project and L'Avenue has curated a highly aesthetic account

Score: 9/10

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