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STRIKE EAGLE - 'Strange Addiction' | Single of the week

The Eagle has certainly landed with this track!

Our man Graham 'G-Man' Waller has soared passed all expectations for his 1st E.P release 'Inverted' with this astonishing track which remarkably wasn't even his premiere release from the new E.P. That cocky son of a bitch. That mantle went to the unashamedly funky 'Walk my way' which to be quite honest grabs you by the piano tie and pulls you onto the neon lit dance-floor but only after it asks you if you're getting a round of drinks in!

This whole track 'Strange Addiction' is a vibe!

You'll win absolutely no prizes for guessing that the early Depeche Mode 80's sound was a massive influence in this tracks genetics and I'm all in! The production of this song is next level & the vocal perfectly Gahan-esque in delivery. Hell I'm not even mad at him for introducing a damn 'Flugelhorn' into the song about 2 min 10 secs in. I had to look up what that was! Masterfully played by Ben 'Hornblower' Wilson which is where I'm guessing he gets that moniker from!

Take a listen:

I'm truly excited for where Strike Eagle will land in his career but make no mistake his ego is writing checks his music CAN cash!

In a target rich environment this single stuck out..Strike Eagle can be my wing-man anytime!

Score: 9/10


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