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Stars of Synthfam: Iris Stelar

Updated: May 5, 2020

Tell us a little bit about you and what you do for the Synthwave community.

I am French but I live and work in Vienna Austria! I am a 90s child but I love everything about 80s since childhood! I am into art myself although my daily job has nothing to do with it! I work for a humanitarian organization as legal adviser it’s serious but at least it's meaningful for many! I have lots of important values as person, thanks to my parents! Honesty, being genuine, trustworthy and kindness! Throwing flowers at myself lol and I retrieve these values in "my" Synthfam! Synthwave is my life, I breathe Synthwave! Not only the music, the artists, the sub-culture, the concerts and the deep connection feelings it gives me. In the Synthwave community, I am trying first to promote and maintain a certain idea of 'Synthfam', with values and where everyone feels welcome. I promote artists and I am also interested in their lives whether ups or downs. I do this mainly through the ‘Synthwave’ Facebook Group that I administer and moderate alongside my dear friends that I can't list all!

I am reviewing LPs, tracks, provide feedback to any artists that write me directly for reviews and view even if it's time consuming, I always respond! I also write reviews! It's all very subjective I know but I am trying to give added value! I do a lot behind the scene! I need also to remain constantly aware of the scene in all social medias platform as it is very dynamic with many new releases that are fantastic!

Who or what got you into Synthwave as a Genre?

Somehow Synthwave came to me naturally, I was in a very low period of my life and I was listening to 80s music on Spotify, then someone proposed FM-84 and the vibrant voice and presence of Ollie Wride! Then it was like a rolling snowball! I couldn't live without it! It even got me out of depression! Only medication I had! Synthwave should be prescribed by doctors! True story is that I listen to Synthwave even when I sleep!

Name your top 3 Synthwave Artists and why? It's very difficult as I love many of them very much, so they will hate me not to list them lol Ok, well, I pick up 3... 1 - Ollie Wride - Even if Ollie is Synthwave with FM-84 and considers his solo career more as Pop Rock I believe that he as person impersonates the Synthwave values of Friendship, gentleness, family spirit and kindness not to mention his talent and style!

2 - Michael Oakley because he is the coolest guy on earth, he is really the crooner of Synthwave with his vocals and rhythmic tunes! but most of all his Scottish accent is so charming... joking but true! 3 - Here I have to say it’s my Supergirls Synthwave Superheroes! I can't choose one they are wonderful, and I am also very keen to promote female artists as it's still a minority! Czarina, Nina, Bunny X, Roxi Drive, Dana Jean (Phoenix), Jessie Frye, Christine, Primo, Megan McDuffee Lisa Marie Perkins Put your favourite Synthwave playlist on Shuffle and let us know the Top 5 songs and artists It changes weekly... Ollie Wride and Sunglasses Kid - Stranger Love Morgan Willis - Dark Empire Michael Oakley – California Nina - Diamonds in the Rough VHS Dreams - Love Interlude Who’s your big Synthwave Crush? Well...Ollie Wride! How do people find you on Social media? I am a bit secretive so not easy to find me without my email address or invitation or through my posts and activities on social media. Sorry! Synthronicity: There you have it dear reader, as elusive as she is beautiful without her voice and others like her the scene itself would not feel as inclusive and community driven as it does today. We salute you Iris!

Next week we feature someone most of you should know for sure so keep it ‘Forged’

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