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Single Review: Taurus 1984 'Calling You'

Well if this isn’t an engaging little synth pop track I don’t know what is. The vocal itself is reminiscent of early Janet Jackson as it glides and spins away to your hearts content. It certainly has that 80's vibe and drags you back to a time where the only real worry you had was making sure to cut the DJ’s introduction from your favorite track as you raced to record it on your ghetto blaster. Subjective though opinion is the track itself needed a few plays before it grew on me I must say. Perhaps in part down to the fact that I’ve been dip dyed in far punchier tracks that swill around out there but this one stands relatively honest amongst them.

Score: 7/10

Where to find all things Taurus 1984:

Recently signed to Outland Recordings which I was thrilled to hear - Press release below:

I look forward to hearing more from the welsh duo

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