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Single Review: 'Rebels' - Wolfclub

Released: May 2020 New Retrowave Records

Good Lord – Wow!

What a total eargasm this track is let’s be honest! I maybe mistaken here but the song itself gives me STRONG Electric Youth circa 2010 vibes and I’m totally present for it. Without the resemblances to the Synth Pop Duo from Toronto this track stands strong. It’s certainly vibe heavy and nothing less is expected of Wolf club.

Without the vocal its certainly a worthy instrumental effort and I’d be cautious of playing this track live to baying fans without a female vocalist.

Will it reach the dizzy heights of ‘Summer Lights’ & ‘Nightwave’ and replace that track in the hearts of many of the Synth masses? Who knows!

What I do know is that the track will creep into your ear drums and live rent free for awhile so make space!

Rating: 8/10


W O L F C L U B Electro-Pop Band from Nottingham, UK

Formed in 2014, the band consists of Steven Wilcoxson (producer, guitarist and songwriter) and Chris Paul Martin (producer, vocalist, and songwriter). They released their debut album W O L F C L U B in June 2017 & are currently signed to New Retrowave Records

Wolfclub Links:

Review of their latest album and interview coming soon

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