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SINGLE OF THE WEEK - 'Switchblades' | Elay Arson (feat The Encounter)

Those that know what drives me musically will tell you that I’ve always suggested I had Synthwave Blood pumping a Darksynth heart and nothing makes it beat faster than a Darksynth track of pure mastery that I feel this track has in spades.

I know, I know the track has been out for a little while now but be fair, with such an avalanche of tracks spinning towards our little neon review Chalets you’d be forgiven for overlooking the odd gem buried beneath the smoking debris.

‘Switchblades’ feat The Encounter was the 1st single to be released from the 4th full length studio Album by Elay Arson entitled ‘Dusk Incarnate’. With that unmistakable artwork from Mizucat it made real waves on it’s release by claiming some prime real estate at the top of the Bandcamp charts for weeks and deservedly so!

3.33 minutes of an aural thumping, a vitamin shot for the soul. I’d wager, to hear this track in a live setting would make you want to peel the flesh from your bones & we may have gotten to see/hear it too if it wasn’t for the scourge of COVID vacuum-packing and sliding NEON Retro Fest in Rhode Island under the bed.

Nevertheless, this track and let’s face it quite a few others from Elay Arson will prop up my playlists for quite some time to come,

Don’t sleep on this guy!

Brutal in the best way.

Score: 9.0/10.0

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