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SINGLE OF THE WEEK - Swayze: 'Overdrive' from the EP 'SIDEWALK'

Well where has this man been all my life?

Swayze or as I'll call him now Funky McFunk Face has such mighty musical chops that I'm sitting here saying ... Chromeo who? It was a downright struggle to select just one slice from this slab of funk beef that is his E.P Sidewalk but I settled with 'Overdrive'.

This track will pull up to your front door with the top down, has Summer in the trunk and your getting in. It just doesn't play it struts. You'll find yourself dirty dancing to its shear brilliance with wild abandon. Don't say you haven't been warned..

No one puts Swayze in the corner...

Own it now (link below)

Here's his hilarious funny promo vid for 'Sidewalk'.

Follow and/or support Swayze via the links below:




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