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SINGLE OF THE WEEK - 'Sunshine' | Jay Vintage feat Sara Jonas

So, this is Christmas…well almost and with the warm and fuzzy covers of Synthmas Tunes floating around in the Neon ether I made a conscious decision to swerve making one of them my ‘Single of the Week, in favour of a track that I…..just…can’t….stop…..playing.

Growing up as I did do in the actual 80s I have a massive affinity for those tracks that transport me back to my Bedroom floor covered in Smash Hits Mags and cassette tapes with my thumb hovering over the record button on the Ghetto Blaster to grab something funky for my Mixtape!

Enter Jay Vintage with this unmistakeable Synthpop ditty ‘Sunshine’ that wouldn’t feel out of place in the US Top 40…of 1988. The track itself is a single from the rather less modestly titled ‘I AM 80’s’ album released on the 4th December.

It’s skips and glides along whimsically punctuated by an impressive vintage like vocal of Sara Jonas with slight Debbie Gibson-esque subtleties.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Jay’s production chops on this track. They are undoubtedly strong and shows that he has the fantastic command of being able to replicate those fresh sounds of the 80’s that so many love unconditionally. Very few artists that have this musical time travel ability, Sunglasses Kid is of course another!

Jay Vintage jam skated into our Synth Spheres back in 2017 and has served up hot to your devices all manner of 80’sesque tunes since then. This one however resonated, and it’s a lovely Synthpop effort in a year we’d rather forget.

Open your windows and let the ‘Sunshine’ in, you’ll be happy you did

Buy the Single Here:

Album here:

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