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Single of the Week | 'SPECTER': Jeremiah Kane

Frenetic, relentless and downright unapologetic in the best way possible...

Jeremiah Kane continues unabated to give you what in my mind is a track for the Getaway Driver in us all! In fact its hard not to imagine careering down the highway at night doing 110 m.p.h dodging cars as you go with police sirens in surround sound with this track blaring on the stereo and all windows down!

It's balls to the wall Synth which makes you either want to rob a bank or get up and throw yourself around the room and dance so for those who wish to stay on the right side of the Keishichō the 2nd option is definitely more preferable!

The track opens with a Key being placed in the ignition and with only 30 seconds in we're off at a high velocity and with it the impression it's a "get in if you want to live" scenario.

There are those who will draw flimsy comparisons to 'Dance with the Dead' when they listen to this and it's a fair assessment but the Kane stand a loft and do just enough to warrant leaving the comparisons where they stand..behind them!

For those who just want 4.03 seconds of pure Synth rock abandonment take a listen

Score: 9/10

Available now on all music platforms:

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