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SINGLE OF THE WEEK - 'Man in the Shadows' | YATTE & DUETT

Way back in July 2020 I interviewed DUETT and through the haze of words and aesthetics it was muted that they'd love to collaborate with YATTE! Now, I'm not usually one for tooting my own horn unless its drenched in reverb but I like to think Forged had some hand in this absolute corker of a track!!

All jokes aside.....what a pleasant 3 minutes 20 seconds it is. Whilst I'm about all things Synth related I have an affinity for Yacht Rock and this track gives me those smooth sailing Rock Synth Doobie Brothers and early Eagles vibes, may very well be a bold statement to make but nevertheless I'm there sipping Mojitos with McDonald in the Sunshine and I can go for that!

The track glides along like that Catamaran on the sailing vacation of your dreams. Bourgie feelgood bounce with musical flourishes and an added dimension of a Stevie Wonderesque Harmonica for that frisson at 1 minute 49 seconds in.

This will no doubt send the nerves in the temples of the Synth purists pulsating but who are we if we do not embrace those who have the smarts to drive the genre forward?

Listen here:

With other ways to listen and download here:

Take a bow boys - you've smashed it!

Score: 10.0/10.0

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