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SINGLE OF THE WEEK - 'Liminal Space' | Morch Kovalski

Clawing at the scorched earth these passed few weeks as I do to discover anything worthy of posting as a 'Single of the Week' I discovered this absolute gem.

I have to admit Morch Kovalski was unknown to me and to my surprise in doing a deep dive into his swag bag he’s been on the Synth radar for about 4 years now give or take.

Nevertheless this Artist from Warsaw, Poland has certainly caught my attention with his latest release ‘Liminal Space’ released 28th December.

Very little is known about the Artist but suffice to say that it shouldn’t put you off immersing yourself in what he has put out to date.

This track ‘Liminal Space’ starts off not unlike the intro to the best Sci-Fi Movie you’ve never seen as the soundscapes force you to imagine post-apocalyptic barren landscapes traversed by drones searching for the last vestiges of life, fantastical I know but nevertheless it takes me there. The meat on the bones of this track is served to you at approx. 1 minute 21 seconds in where the beat takes it to a whole new level. It’s dirty, gritty and oh so brilliant! Instrumental sci-fi that smacks harder than a Cyber Commando.

At 2 minutes 28 seconds in you’re treated to a maelstrom of soaring synth sounds that command your attention just in case in waned in all the best ways. Not since City of Eternal Rain by Deadlife have I felt so good about something as ultimately beastly as this.

Buy the single here:

For those who are not sure about Dark Synth but like the odd track or two this is certainly one for your playlists.

Do me a favour, look him up. If you like the track tell him. The best thing we can do for the small time artists is share and promote them as much as possible, their reach only extends so far!

Take a bow Morch Kovalski


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