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Single of the Week | 'Kaleefornya' by L'Avenue

Anyone watching the Forged boards recently or simply know me from the Synth circuit understand that I'm a big fan of this guys work.

It's the perfect marriage of sound and aesthetic for me which has had me enthralled from the beginning with his track 'Sundown' right the way through to what I regard being his seminal work to date 'Cherry Crush E.P'. I'd wager my expectations are very high when it comes to his releases but any doubts melt like Sorbet in the Sun when you listen to this.

It had its radio premiere Wednesday last via the Dynamic Duo of Synth that is Joe Ward & Rob Dyson from 'Forever Synth' twinned with a fab interview giving you an insight into his palm lined mind! (posted below).

It's somewhat a different sound than the melodic sentimentality of Cherry Crush but unmistakably L'Avenue!

Give it a listen:

Give the show and L'Avenue's interview a listen right here:

Please support the guys on Forever Synth via the link below:

Every Wednesday on Riverside Radio -

New single released: 27/06/20 - You can buy the digital track here

Discography/Back Catalogue:

Please also follow L'Avenue on Instagram for all things perfectly 80's

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