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Single of the week | 'Is this me' - Le Groupe Fantastique

These guys certainly live up to their rather self assured Group name. Their discography isn't as lengthy as some other Artists I cover but as we all know by now in some instances its not the quantity but rather the quality that counts!

Band Members:

Al Baker, Tom Gee, Jono Marshall

This particular track is their 1st after a Two year hiatus, no doubt crafting their sound. Their Record Company 'Retro Reverb Records' speak highly of them and rightly so given their talent to produce and arrange "80's influenced, Synth heavy, Floor fillers" of which this is no exception!

Take a look and see what you think..

For those unfamiliar with the talent of this trio please visit the links posted below and offer your support! I'm sure there'll be lots more news to share on these guys in the coming weeks and months ahead!

Is this me is out now - Buy the digital track here:

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