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SINGLE OF THE WEEK - 'Hope for a New World' | M.K. KHAN

Updated: May 30, 2021

It's a beautiful conflict for a reviewer to be struggling over which track to pick for a 'Single of the Week' it's even more pleasurable when this very struggle is essentially down to just one Album and this is what I found myself doing with M.K. Khan's new Album release 'Weekends on Earth'. The whole album is a triumph in my opinion, and in a year which saw some major releases it unabashedly makes waves and sets itself a place at the neon Table of stellar releases this year!

As mentioned I'd some real conflict on which to choose the Single I'd go for as theoretically it hadn't been released as a single but it's such a stand out I could not let it pass me by.

'Hope for a New World'

Timely title with a Jan Hammer-esque intro it had me hooked right from the first few bars. It glides along with such ease you can't help close your eyes and feel the warm summer wind caress your face driving down Florida Keys Scenic Highway in an open top 1980's De Tomaso Pantera GTS.

It's a short track by many standards at just 2 mins 53secs but packs a big Synth punch that should do well in most discerning playlists

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