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SINGLE OF THE WEEK - Duett with Hayley Roscoe – Savour

I must admit Duett make very little mistakes for me. They are one of those bands that have their aesthetic so perfect as to undoubtedly match the vibe they promote. Every track feels like a sea breeze on a warm day.

Their new track ‘Savour’ bounces and cracks along with the instrumental itself reminding me of ‘Every Body wants to rule the world’ by Tears for Fears but in a slower tempo with a Fleetwood Mac vibe. Which to be fair is never not going to be welcome let’s not kid ourselves.

I feel Duett have glided into the Neon Harbour in their 80’s Offshore Power Boat with this one and have tethered themselves to 2020 in style, well what’s left of this year anyway!

Download/Buy here:

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