Shifting Frequencies - An Interview with Oceanside85

Synthronicity: So delighted to bring you this candid interview with Oceanside85. This lady is a force to be reckoned with on the synth scene with a voice that echoes through the halls of a predominantly male genre. With some great facts and a scoop or two I really enjoyed putting together this interview...take a look.

Tell us a little about you, where you’re from and how you got started in Music?

Hey I'm Oceanside85 I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit Netflix and chill and retro jams. I'm from Victoria B.C Canada. Part of a very small posse of female producers on the west coast of Canada. I'm proud to represent West Coast Canadian Synthwave and Electronic music. I was first just making my own radio shows and singing into my cassette recorder when i was a punk kid and have really never stopped making music in some way. I started in bands when I was 22 and was a psychobilly vocalist to start. I switched over to my own project after my bands dissolved. I had tons of music that was stuck inside me and I was done waiting for everyone else to get it together. So happy I decided to do this project alone because this is the most music I've ever created and the most artistic freedom I've ever felt and its amazing. <3

How has your sound developed over the years? & has the current market been of any influence in that?

I started seriously producing about 5 years ago. My sound is always developing because I haven't produced for that long a time. I've been trying to learn how to be a better producer every day. Its going good..i think. I feel like my best is yet to come. My sound has gone from super 80's cheese to cinematic soundscape to mutant creatures such as the half synthwave half Vaporwave album Blue Waters. I look forward to continuing to be a enigma weirdo and freaking out my fans with constant randomness ha-ha. I say that because I know people expect certain styles from artists once they get used to it. That's me though. If you like a synth adventure at random you've hit the jackpot. I'd say the current market has absolutely no influence on my work. The former market like Miami Nights 1984 and others like Lazerhawk influenced me in the early days but now I try to avoid other producers work. I want my music to be unabashed unapologetically me. I know I am not the super 80's queen or the uber model. I am Oceanside85. All I want is too make you feel rad and synth your face off is that too much to ask?

How would you describe the music you make?

Its basically my soul in music format with VHS distortion. A cosmic journey through retro futuristic dimensions and alternate timelines from the point of view of a retro kid who kept their heart and all of their pogs.

How has your 2020 been? With the Gig situation how have you managed to stay reasonably sane?

Well 2020 just went way off the grid didn't it? I hope we can heal from this virus quickly as a world. Personally my 2020 so far before it all happened had been full of hard work and late nights working on this album. I've been more creative this year then any other year but once the isolation started I've found it a bit harder to focus. I wasn't planning gigs until the Summer but it hit me how lucky I was before all of this too play shows. So when I can again I'm going to go hard. I hope its soon. I pray for everyone dealing with this crisis. Its really hard for some and I send my love to those who are having hardships. May angels be at your side.

Who are your influences in music today? Who did you listen to when you were growing up?

My influences are really varying. My favorite singer is Nina Simone