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RUNAWAY DROID | 'BRAWL' - A Single Review

Runaway Droids music, especially in his albums or EP's, has the sacred trinity of my favourite synth genres; retro synth pop, Synthwave instrumentalism and Cyberpunk.

Brawl falls more into the Cyberpunk category and it’s a real bop! Its got all the typical ingredients of a great cyberpunk banger, with a little industrial nuance throughout.

The glitchy breaks, the saw synths, gritty arps are all enveloped by this really great groove, along with a couple of breakdowns and drops that just makes ‘Brawl’ a song to pulverize those motor neurons in your head.

Lots to enjoy here from Runaway Droid, a great clean production of gritty, tenacious sounds!

Get and own it!

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