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From the stable of Future 80’s Records UK comes a Two-part EP from the EPIC French duo ‘Rollercoaster’. A childhood immersed in the 80’s proved ripe fruit for this pairing from Toulouse who gifted us all with a debut EP in October ‘21 that proved a hit with the critics and won them a legion of fans the world over.

Fast forward to January ‘22 where they’ve released an absolute stomper in ‘The Mad Chase’ just 2 days ago from the date of this article and I’ve had it on repeat ever since.

This particular EP is all instrumental which should please the purists but should you prefer your tracks with a little narrative they’ve upped the ante by releasing the same EP with vocals on the 18th February this year if you’d prefer to wait for that!

This release straddles that fine line between Synthwave and Darkwave so for people like me who have equi-love for both styles this fans the flames on the scorched earth of my soul.

Most if not all of the tracks hit you like a ton of bricks which was no doubt the modus operandi of the duo who have built the narrative around this release in some sort of dystopian, post-apocalyptic landscape which traverses into the sci-fi zones of the 80’s, think Bladerunner. Sounds busy but it works like a charm.

A must for your playlist libraries!


Get the album here:

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