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Beloved Synth Artist and Indie Film Maker extraordinaire 'Quixotic' has been setting the scene on fire for over 10 years with his unique blends of melodic nostalgia taking us on those mind journeys down palm lined boulevards and providing the soundtrack to those unforgettable evocative sunsets.

This deluxe retro touch is born out of Budapest, Hungary and a passion project of Krisztián Miklósy who no doubt understands the feeling that this genre gives people and as such situates himself at the very apex of this wonderful Synthwave community. In fact whilst Budapest is far from those Miami Nights it's held it's own on the scene and hosted everyone from Carpenter Brut & Danger to Com Truise & Pertubator all of whom have been supported on stage by Quixotic himself.

Firmly of the mindset "if you build it they will come" he hosts two very unique events in his own hometown 'Stranger Synths' drawing inspiration from the hit Netflix series and the much more chilled event named 'Waves' which has also enjoyed real success.

From his single 'Summer' released all the way back in 2011 to the present day with the roundly celebrated release of that instant classic 'Highway Violence' EP and of course that mind blowing short film which accompanied it in March of this year it's fair to say we're going to see more of him as the skies and event spaces begin to open. With a promise of more new music and an eventual full length album in 2022 Forged could not wait to interview this guy, so...let's get into it shall we?


Thank you very much for sharing your time with Forged in Neon today and Congratulations on the huge success of your short movie ‘Highway Violence’ it was an absolute triumph. How on earth did you pull it all together, did it take some time?

Thank you! It was truly a dream come true, I never thought we could pull this off, but I had vision and an amazing crew and we tried our best with Mihasznafilm. It was shot the whole year in 2020 with more than 20 shooting days and 4 months of post production. In the end more than 120 people helped me on this project, that's why I insisted on the proper end credits.

Were you pleased on how well it was received?

Since the release we are overwhelmed with the positive feedbacks. For me it was especially heart warming that so many people resonate with my childhood dreams, I could have guessed everybody wants to be Marty McFly not just me :D


Of course, the actual track was taken from your last album ‘Flamingo Drive-in’ which from an aesthetic point of view was packed full of the aesthetic tropes we love not to mention being a terrific album, been nearly 2 years, is there more music in the works?

Thanks, yes Flamingo Drive-In’s concept established this “Quixotic” 80’s universe. But now with the finished short film I can continue the story, the characters in any way prequel, sequel, anything works and yes of course with more new music as the soundtrack and probably a new album in 2022.

How is the Synthwave scene in Hungary right now?

This pandemic is a real bummer for us too, but fortunately the scene is alive and well, still a lot of active fans and producers in the community. I’m the host of two retrowave/80s event series. “Waves by Quixotic” which brings the Miami Vice vibes to Budapest and the all nighter “Stranger Synths” a special retro party inspired by the Netflix hit series Stranger Things.

A night where Budapest turns into Hawkins with the best songs from the 80's and nowadays hits in my retrowave flavoured DJ set. It became probably Europe’s biggest Synthwave related event, we were doing sold out big hall parties before covid in the winter but our record attendance was around 3000 people in Budapest’s biggest open air club called Budapest Park back in 2019.

I really hope we can start making these big parties again, I really miss it. But we have strictly Synthwave events too for hardcore fans, as you may I’m not just djing, there’s also a Quixotic LIVE band for live gigs.

I’m intrigued by the name ‘Quixotic, how did you think of that stage name? Was it influenced by anything in particular?

My nickname was “Q” in high school and when I was searching for an artist name, I opened up an english dictionary at the letter “Q” that’s where I stumbled upon this weird word, I looked up it’s meaning (foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals especially : marked by rash lofty romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action) and I really liked it and many years later when I finally found my style: Synthwave, it just clicked perfectly.

Later I found out on urban dictionary “quixotic” was a slang too in the 80’s, It meant quick and exotic cars, so that’s just an awesome bonus I didn’t even know when I picked it :D

How would you describe your sound to those who’ve yet to be introduced to you?

Quixotic is a journey through the synth waves from 80s Miami sunsets over palms and cocktails to epic outrun car chases with loads of guitar solos!

What do you think is the most distinctive aspect of the music you create?

The reason I really love 80’s music and the new retro wave is the diversity. Yes you could make only one type of Synthwave, and the genre has it’s tropes, but for me it’s easy to expand and break those barriers, so my goal when working is just to make something good and keep it fresh and different than my other tracks, it is pretty fine line to walk on cause you still need be recognized but I’m trying my best to find the balance.

I also really like the storytelling aspect of music like the music video or the concept album, it takes the listener on a journey and you make a whole dream universe for the fans, just with a few sentences and carefully chosen track titles.

You have some awesome collabs under your belt to include the mighty Le Brock and Robots with Rayguns, anymore planned?

It’s always great thing to join forces with other talented artists. At the moment we only have one cover track yet to be released, it’s a famous movie anthem ;) But I’m sure there will be some collabs in the future.

You’ve been making music since 2011 & I’m possibly putting you on the spot here but what would you say is the one stand-out track in your entire discography that you’re most proud of? Why?

My “top hit” is Palms, it is one of the most popular Synthwave tracks worldwide, so I’m very proud of that, still don’t know how it became such a big track. But what we achieved with the music video/short film of Highway Violence is probably the biggest and proudest thing I ever did.

What do you like most about being a musician?

Lots of things. You can keep learning new things with every new song you make. The best but also worst thing is you manage your own time :D But the most thrilling feeling is as an artist when you’re on stage and the crowd goes crazy for you, I’m lucky to experience this a lot, as a DJ and when play with the band, so I’d like to thank the fans for this energy, they keep me going!

If there was one aspect of the Music Industry you’d change, what would it be? Why?

Way too many things are wrong, but as much as we hate to admit, the music industry is a business, and it always will be. It’s sad cause it can kill your passion for making music, but still, we are lucky to live in this day and age, cause we have ALL the tools to make something and let the world know about it. Yes there are many problems with the streaming services and the social media, but without them no one would know who is Quixotic, so I try to look at these things from a positive perspective, you need to adapt and use all the tools in your inventory, everything else is just an excuse.

What do you believe is the most cherished memory of your career to date?

Our first live gig with Quixotic LIVE, it was a pretty terrifying experience, never been so nervous… but we killed it! It was back in 2018 with Daniel Deluxe, Sung and Lazerpunk.

Can you tell us a little more about any current or future projects in the pipeline?

Currently I’m working on the Making of Highway Violence doc. It will be released later in the summer, on every format, including VHS! But I’d like to release a new EP in fall and I have to start working on the next big thing, the new album with a new short film.

What is the one guilty pleasure you cannot live without?

I have private You Tube playlist with a lot strange videos and music from all around the world, most of them are horrible, when we have guests at home, it just a matter of time before I start showing them for my enjoyment, not everyone appreciates it :D

What is the best music advice you’ve ever received?

It’s a quote from Woody Allen: “Strive for originality. But if you have to steal, steal from the best.” Before anyone gets upset, I highly recommend a documentary called “Everything is a Remix” ;)

Anyone on the scene at the moment that you enjoy listening to?

I keep going back to Carpenter Brut’s soundtrack for Blood Machines, he is a genius, can’t get enough of his music. I also really like the recently released Mitch Murder album and his EP for Cyberpunk 2077 too, he can’t disappoint either.

A message for your fans?

Thanks for listening and supporting me in any way, your love kept me going in these hard times! And I really hope I can give you back this energy with my music and shows in the future! <3


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