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POWER ROB - 'Runaway' E.P | A Review

Rob Bradley AKA Power Rob is an absolute force of neon nature with striking vocals and an eye for those Synth aesthetics we all love. Theatrics aside he is a serious talent and currently one half of the Powerwave Duo ‘Megatronix’ with Robbie Whiplash.

Rob is an all-rounder it seems so it was generally no surprise when he was picked up by Synth Label Extraordinaire ‘Aztec Records’ to release his debut Solo E.P. This Retro stable has some supreme Synth talent on its books from LAU to Gryff, Nina to Bunny X so I was genuinely thrilled that he had this solid foundation in which to build what could promise to be an exciting solo career!

Make no mistake about it Rob’s vocals are amongst some of the most distinctive on the scene which deliver an edge unsurpassed in modern Synth music to date in my opinion. It’s patently clear where his heart lies, in that soaring stadium like rock vocal you where always likely to hear in those power ballads from days of yore. This E.P however whilst paying tribute to that era still maintains that fresh approach which lets face it many have tried to replicate and few have delivered.

Power Rob enters the game…


Track 1 is ‘Runaway’ the title track of the E.P and is pumped full of melody. The energy in which the vocal is delivered takes you on that journey of Teen angst and lust for freedom. To break from the chains and ride towards that skyline and never look back. The track wouldn’t feel out of place being introduced by Casey Kasem as a hot new entry in the American Top 40 in 1988!...

…sliding into the DM’s of our Ear Cavities next we have Track 2Strong’. This is a top-drawer track that has a hook you could hang your towels on. It’s a pedal to the metal kind of track that charts a mood relative to memories, the power of love and the sense of empowerment that flows from that when that special someone tells you “it’ll be alright”. It’s one of those tracks on a night time drive that Aztec are all too familiar with and you won’t hear a complaint by me, generally because the music is too loud.

Lastly we have a cover of possibly one of my favourite 80’s tracks ‘Careless Whisper’ by George Michael. I’m always going to be critical of anyone who takes this song on. It’s one of those tracks that you simply couldn’t hear without thinking of the original. It’s ballsy to take it on and I’m applauding Rob for having the space in his pants to do so.

There’s no denying that he treated the track with sensitivity and didn’t try to deviate and spin it into knots. The pulsating Synthwave beat that carries the track alongside the vocal is punchy and certainly drags it into the 21st Century, whether it’s a patch on the original remains to be seen but credit where credit is due!

Overall, you’d do well to spin this E.P it’s the perfect balance of light and shade.

Score: 9.0/10.0

Favourite Track: Strong

Least Favourite: NA

'Runaway' is available on your preferred streaming devices. Please consider buying the digital album here:

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