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What a stellar week I've had trying to narrow down my top choices. Such absolute gems in the ones I've chosen, I hope you think so to! So in no particular order..let's get into it!


Track 1:


Track: Human Stain | This Los Angeles native is relatively new on the scene by

comparison. I'm a sucker for a Guitar and retro vibes both of which it gives in

spades. The vocal is rather soft which will cause you to lean into your stereo to

hear what he's singing but don't let that dissuade you from wedging it onto your

playlists. It's great!

Track 2:

Artist: LukHash

Track: Code Veronica | My love for LukHash has been well defined in the hallowed halls

of Forged in Neon, probably come as no surprise that I've chosen this track as one

of my picks. It's an absolute banger but don't take my word for it listen for yourself.

Track 3:


Track: Memoirs of a Future I | With slight Gahanesque vocal delivery and symphonic

synths this is an absolute joy to listen to. There's so much heart and passion in the

track that you get just what making music means to him in every note. I love that!

Track 4:

Artist: Toyko Rose, Pylot & Essenger

Track: Out of luck | I know, I know I'm late to the plate on this one as it was released in

April 2020, slipped right by me but it's that good I had to add it to the pile. If you

have a 'Drive at Night' playlist then this is for you.

Track 5:


Track: Prisoners | Taken from the EP of the same name this is an absolute treat for those

who like their Synth just that bit darker like me! Its B Movie Horror Style done right.

Signed to Future 80's records, I'll be keeping an eye on this guy!

Track 6:


Track: 20 Years - instrumental | Well he's done it again. Fresh from his utterly

fantastic Album 'Electric Pillow Talk' comes the Album chock full of instrumentals

of some fan favourites called 'Vocal Free'. Vocals divide the Synth nation most

times so having this happy mix of favs will please the purists! Honestly could have

chosen any one of these tracks but 20 years is and will always be a sure fire HIT!

Track 7:

Artist: Sub Morphine

Track: High Castle | Well what can I say, he makes it onto my playlist must haves again

with this absolute treat. It's as smooth and melodic as you like and totally

deserving of a playlist spot.

Track 8:


Track: Face Me | The soundtrack to your dystopian fantasies, play it loud!

Track 9:


Track: Fragments of Bach III | This is beyond all I've ever imagined any Synthwave Artist

to come up with. The whole album released via the perpetually awesome Peter

Zimmerman's Record Club' is just a joy to listen to and firmly plants Compilerbau

amongst some of the best there is. It's a celebration of Bach in Synth form and

sheer indulgence, treat yourself!

Track 10:

✩✩✩✩✩ SINGLE OF THE WEEK ✩✩✩✩✩

Artist: RONIN feat Shagun Trisal

Track: Kyoto Inferno | Taken from the EP of the same name this track is just mesmerising.

On release day Kyoto Inferno hit number 1 on Apple Music Electronic Charts and

was on top position for a week straight! From India 'RONIN' (Shezan

Shaikh) has more than earned his spot on my ones to watch and as a relative

newcomer to the scene I'm excited for more is to come!


Some more tracks to be posted next week in the meantime support your favourite Artists and share their work. If you like any of the tracks I've chosen don't forget to support! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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