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Palm Lakes - 'Nothing to me' | A Single Review

Very few tracks these days take their listener on a journey. This particular song waves the keys in your face and tells you to grab that 80's blazer you've draped across your Chaise Lounge and follow them out the door into the Sun.

It's a track of Two halves that marry seamlessly stitched together by a soaring 80's vocal that wraps around the synths beautifully. Breathless and airy to start it gathers some pace about near to a minute in which is a welcome surprise. The video itself is sublime. It gift wraps the track and hands it to you. I for one love that artists are now accompanying the songs they're so proud of with video, the engagement level increases ten-fold when aesthetics are involved..take a watch below...

Safe to say that Palm Lakes are most certainly ones to watch and I'm so excited for what might lay ahead for them.

Palm Lakes are two Brothers that hail from the U.K but have had the undoubted pleasure of making the southern Tropical beach climes of Taiwan their home. It's no surprise then that their music oozes with inspiration from the beach-side and has provided us with tracks to an endless summer.

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